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понедельник, 21 ноября 2016 г.

Manuel Valls, a Marine Le Pen victory in 2017 is "possible"

Traveling Thursday in Berlin, Manuel Valls said it was "possible" that Marine Le Pen won the French presidential election in May 2017. 

Marine Le Pen winner of the presidential election in 2017? A hypothesis that Manuel Valls said it was "possible" at an economic forum in Berlin on Thursday. The Prime Minister was asked about the possibility of a victory of Marine Le Pen in the wake of the election of Donald Trump in the US presidential election.

"All the polls say the candidate Marine Le Pen will be present in the second round (...) it means that the balance of French political life will totally change," said Manuel Valls at the forum, warning about the "danger of the extreme right" when attention is focused on the presidential primary left and right.

"Of course, I do not confuse all, Trump was the candidate of a major party, the Republican Party, which already dominated Congress and many states in the US. But it is of course his speeches and proposals that worry, "said the head of government.

A "globalization addressing peoples" to meet their "anger"

The National Front had already reached the second round of the presidential election in 2002, when Jean-Marie Le Pen, father of the current FN candidate, had eliminated the surprise Socialist Prime Minister Lionel Jospin , before being largely defeated by Jacques Chirac.

Faced with the rise of "populism," Manuel Valls defended a "globalization addressing peoples" to meet their "anger". He has called on Europe to "get out of innocence" in international trade and on immigration to say more clearly "that can and can not enter and remain" on European soil.

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