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суббота, 12 ноября 2016 г.

Melania Trump: I love you - 18 Nude Photo

Melania Trump will be the next First Lady of America. On this occasion, back on all those women who have marked the history of the country of Uncle Sam.

After eight years alongside her husband Barack Obama, Michelle prepares to leave the White House on 20 January. It two days ago, Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States, winning election to Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate. His wife, Melania Trump, becomes the new First Lady of America. In this regard, the young mother of Barron has a very clear idea of what she wants to represent in the eyes of his fellow citizens: "I encourage my husband because I know what he wants and what he can do for our country. He likes the American people and he wants to help. I am a very traditional first lady. As Jackie Kennedy. "

Unlike France, the United States, first ladies have real institutional and associative role. But each has its style over the years. The more chic?Undeniably, Jackie Kennedy. The most charismatic? Certainly, Michelle Obama. The most publicized? Because of cases related to her husband Bill, Hillary Clinton. And there is one that is found on the front of the stage, propelled by a little less than two hours in the Oval Office because of a terrible tragedy. This is the case of Claudia Alta Johnson, nicknamed "Lady Bird". The wife of President Lyndon Baines Johnson was left First Lady November 22, 1963, hour and a half after the assassination of President Kennedy.

On the occasion of the arrival of Melania Trump at the White House and the departure of Michelle Obama, the two met on Thursday at a meeting in the first ladies apartments.

While Barack Obama received the president-elect Donald Trump, their wives were talking in another room of the White House. 

Unlike the meeting between Barack Obama and Donald Trump, no delay could not attend this face to face. The only picture the meeting between Michelle Obama and Melania Trump was released by the press service of the White House. It shows the two First Ladies seated, discussing one facing the other. Michelle Obama then showed at the next First Lady private apartments of the presidential family, before the two women found their husbands says "Politico". As against the traditional photo showing the two presidential couples has not been taken.

The spokesman of the White House Josh Earnest gave some fragments of the conversation that the two women exchanged, as "raising children in the White House since the two daughters of the First Lady have spent much of their childhood the White House and the son of Mrs. Trump will also spend important years of his childhood here in the White House. ""It's a pretty unique childhood, and the two women were able to talk about this experience, and how to be a good parent during that time." Barron, the son of Melania and Donald Trump, has 10 years, the same age as Malia Obama when his father was elected.

Apart from the age of their children, Michelle Obama and Melania Trump does not have much in common: the first was a lawyer in activity, which supported his family while Barack Obama was campaigning at the time of entering the White House, while the second is a housewife for her only son and arrested her modeling career, she started young. Both have played different roles in the campaign when Michelle Obama criss-crossed the country to defend the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, Melania Trump remained behind, taking only a few times in public speaking.

It is unclear whether the issue of speech Melania Trump at the Republican Convention, a copy-paste of it delivered by Michelle Obama eight years earlier, was mentioned.

But for the " New York Times ", the choice of clothes Michelle Obama was in itself a political statement, a reference to the severe migration policy put forward by Donald Trump: facing Melania Trump black dress, the First Lady had chose a purple and orange creation of Narciso Rodriguez, she had worn a dress in 2008 the night of the election of her husband. The designer, who managed a brilliant career, has always honored his parents, Cuban immigrants. 

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