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четверг, 17 ноября 2016 г.

Melania Trump: Slovenia at the White House

The wife of the new president of the United States grew up in a small town in Slovenia, in the former Yugoslavia. Our report on the footsteps of Melania Trump in Sevnica.

She was chosen for its looks "presidential", her long brown hair and piercing blue eyes. We are in 1993, Melania Trump is already "the first lady of fashion," a title awarded by the Slovenian brand Mura who in a television campaign, likes to stage the young head of state model.Surrounded by bodyguards at the descent of a plane, waving to the crowd from the window of a limousine, sitting in an Oval Office ...

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This short film without dialogue is a premonition of pop background music, a mirage of America whose dream then Eastern Europe. "We wanted to take the iconography of American politics, it was a reference," says artistic director, astonished for being so visionary. This is advertising that launches the career of Melania.

She is 23 years old ; his country, Slovenia, has regained its independence two years ago, and she is about to take his to fly to the United States. She leaves the White House of his parents, a new world is built without Yugoslavia and it is already outdated.

At 100 kilometers from the capital, his native village named Sevnica, pronounced "Séouniza". The river Sava, source of wealth of the first local mills, is not enough to change the ideas, and youth tends to go away. Are families and retirees; three factories of fabrics, shoes and furniture; farms and farms, apple trees and vines; good bakeries and a few bars without charm.

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