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среда, 16 ноября 2016 г.

Microwave Cooking Tips

Last time I wrote about microwaving, I wrote about safety tips. Here are some tips on actually using you microwave to cook.
  • Check the cookbook that comes with your microwave - If you plan to microwave you dish, find similar dishes to determine cooking time, dish size and proportions.
  • Liquids in dishes extends cooking time - You can reduce the liquid by half of what is needed in a conventional recipe.
  • Herbs, salts and seasoning - Microwaving intensifies flavors of dried herbs, pepper, and seasoning so you need to reduce the use. Likewise, since less liquid is used, you need to cut back on salt too. However, this is different with fresh herbs. Since they contain liquid, it takes time before the flavors fuse out so you might want to increase them in your recipe.
  • Garlic cooks out quickly in microwave.
Source: All New Hints from Heloise

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