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понедельник, 7 ноября 2016 г.

Nicole Kidman, her unconditional love for her children

In the movie "Lion", Nicole Kidman plays an adoptive mother faces will his son to find his biological family. A tailor-made role since the actress is the mother of four children, including two adopted.

Nicole Kidman how she chooses her roles? "It was spontaneous," she said in an interview with the magazine "Town & Country" which she made the cover of December. The actress of 49 years likes to take risks. "I am content to trust and believe in the project," she continues. "When I start, I do not save me. That's how I am. It would probably be easier and safer to be more conservative, but that's not me. "So Nicole Kidman readily accepted to play in" Lion "Garth Davis. 
Nicole Kidman for Town & Country - December 2016

A tailor-made role for Nicole Kidman: that of an adoptive mother, confronted with the will of his son to find his biological family. ". Today I understand that this film was important for me because I am an adopted child mummy" because while she was married to Tom Cruise, between 1990 and 2001, they adopted two children: Isabella and Connor. Since Nicole Kidman gave birth to a daughter in 2008, Sunday, born of his second marriage to singer Keith Urban. And they are the second child, Faith, born to a surrogate mother. "This film is a love letter to my children." 

Adapted from a true story, "Lion" traces the relationship of a mother, Sue, and his adopted son, Saroo. "Sue is deeply mother and her love for her children is unconditional, which is beautiful. (...) I find myself in the character, I feel that for my adopted children "One love" deep and personal. - Whatever your story, "says Nicole Kidman. If she had complicated relationships with Isabella and Connor , she wants to say, "I am here to love you and support you."

Family Travel

A nice message of love that does not exclude her two youngest daughters, Sunday and Faith. Recently, Nicole Kidman took them to Australia, his home country. "They played with wallabies and kangaroos.Now it's one of their favorite places, "says the actress proudly. Nicole Kidman traveled extensively with her daughters to introduce them to the world: "They can say at school: 'I was in Paris, Morocco. I was in Italy, China and India. ' "Ever family trips, for movies mom or dad for concerts."But she prefers the tour bus as film sets."

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