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вторник, 15 ноября 2016 г.

RUSSELL BRAND: Stand-up's shock sex secrets

SWEAT-SOAKED and shaking, young Russell Brand climbed into bed with the stunning Filipino vice girl.
The 16-year-old Essex lad, destined to become one of Britain's most notorious womanisers and outrageous comics, was about to be initiated into the ways of the flesh. 

Afterwards as he ran his quivering hands over the prostitute's perfect olive curves she sighed with passion: "I must leave before I fall in love with you."
Then, from a tangle of limbs in the next bed, Russell's dad Ron shouted: "Bleeding hell! I'm going to be sick!"
Not the most romantic introduction to sex—but the shock frontman of Big Brother's Big Mouth was up and running. The swine!
And, after treating his son to that night of debauchery in Hong Kong with three hookers, Ron had more sex wisdom to impart next morning.
Casually looking up from his paper Ron asked if his son had used a condom. Russell said he hadn't, to which Ron's only response was to bark: "Well, you should have!"
Russell's new skill and raging sex drive led him into the grip of a sex addiction tougher to kick than the heroin and booze that also engulfed him.
The stark truth behind TV's sensational new star is bared in new book Russell Brand by Tanith Carey.

The 31-year-old Big Brother's Big Mouth star remembers his first crush—on busty neighbour Josie when he was just SIX in Grays, Essex!
One day, when Josie had plumbing problems, Russell's mum invited her to use her bathroom—where the lad had conveniently set up his Star Wars toys.
"I properly fancied her," he recalled. "Mum said I had to get out but Josie goes, ‘I don't mind, he's only six.' ‘You fools,' I thought. ‘I know exactly what I'm doing!'"
At 15, Russell would nip home from school at lunchtimes to watch porn with pals. That led to his first drug experience—a cannabis joint.

He loved the way it took his mind off the anxiety of home life. His parents split up when he was a baby, mum Babs had three bouts of cancer and he spent a miserable year away at boarding school.
But much of Russell's sadness stemmed from his weight. He'd always been chubby and was bullied for it.

Then he discovered if he vomited afterwards, he could eat what he wanted. As the weight fell off, bulimic Russell gelled his hair in a quiff, donned a leather jacket and girls took notice.
"He worked his way around the year," said one classmate. "He went for the real stunners. And big chests."
After a year at stage school he landed roles on children's TV and a speaking part in The Bill. But after that first spliff Russell took drugs almost every day.
Pot led to acid, amphetamines then crack and heroin—as well as Prozac for depression.
Stand-up success won him his first presenting role on MTV, which made it easy to pick up women.
Lap dancers were his favourite. After a furious late-night row with one stripper, Russell threw her out of his flat but the door slammed and he ended up locked out and naked!
But his craving for women grew.

"One in the morning, maybe two for lunch and three for tea," he said. "Then someone might stick around all night. A good week would be at least 20 in various configurations."
When the drugs and booze finally scared off promoters and TV bosses he was forced into rehab. Three monts later, in March, 2003, he was clean. And a year on he landed the BB Big Mouth job.
But with no alcohol or drugs, Russell needed sex after every performance.
"I've got to have a f*** or something, anything, just to keep this buzz going," he said. "I try to behave with control and dignity around women. But it's harder than giving up smack."
Russell—who has now mended his ways and is now going steady with Laura Gallacher, 19, sister of TV presenter Kirsty—was even linked to supermodel Kate Moss.
When they first met he delivered the killer line: "I know you just want to sh*g me, but you'll have to wait until after the show."

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