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суббота, 5 ноября 2016 г.

Selena Gomez in distress

At 24, the ministar Disney became a megastar of instagram is hit in full glory by a terrible autoimmune disease

A shadow leaves the hospital Seymour, Tennessee. Pale, emaciated, hidden behind dark glasses, the woman tries to look good. In vain. 
Selena Gomez enjoy a few hours of leave to visit his family ... escorted by dozens of paparazzi! At only 24 years, the time of carefree already seems far away, when the star of the Disney stable delighted tens of millions of fans. 

Hospitalized for more than a year, the young woman struggle against irreversible harm. The rumors, contradictory ran. Drug problems?Attempted suicide? Anorexia? Tired gossip, Selena finally reveals that since 2013, it suffers from lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease. In other words, the cells to protect the body attacking. The defender becomes the attacker. We do not cure, can only mitigate the effects.

It's the shock. Condemned to absolute rest, Selena cancels world tour and finds refuge in a specialist clinic. Panicked, his fans scrutinize any statement or appearance on social networks. The absence excites their curiosity: the rush, 100 million followers on Instagram and 11 million subscribers on YouTube. A paradoxical record, while the most observed star in the world shuns media to focus on survival. 
This is the end of his dream world. Yet when she began her career at age 7, the girl dreams of screaming fans. Raised by a mother 16 year old, the girl was fed her macaroni and cheese. Only entertainment: theater. Selena follows its mother when it goes up on the boards. His passion for comedy is just beginning. His real life. It occurs to turn on the regional scene and began a race castings alongside his mother became his mentor.Auditioned for the show "Barney & Friends", she landed her first role.Sixteen episodes open the doors to a new world. His future is clear, as she was spotted at age 12 by Disney Channel. The American giant of "entertainment" forged many stars, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera. It is revealed in several successful chain series. In 2007, she was chosen for a major role of the Disney series "Wizards of Waverly Place." Young viewers are fascinated by the adventures of Alex Russo, malignant witch and outgoing. Five years of triumph. In 2009, the series was adapted into feature film. More than 11.4 million viewers!

In November 2015, at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show fashion show in New York.© 2015 Getty Images
Launched his career, Selena joins a new challenge, song, and founded his own group. His first album, "Kiss and Tell" certified gold, yet receives a mixed reception from critics. His voice ineptitude. Whatever! Her boyfriend at the time, Nick Jonas, help to develop his talent. In its third album, "When the Sun Goes Down," in 2011, "Love you Like a Love Song" was a worldwide hit. Finally !

In 2013, nothing can resist him, not even Justin Bieber. Nicknamed "Jelena" and the couple attracts attention
With his first solo album, "Stars Dance" and the songs "Come and Get It" and "Slow Down" Selena was at the peak in 2013. No one resists it.Especially not this little prodigy Justin Bieber. The couple is so symbiotic that fans call it "Jelena" contraction of Justin and Selena. Their story was revealed in 2010, when they were seen hand in hand, in a Los Angeles restaurant. You would have to wait a year before formalizing their relationship lovers entwined arriving at the Academy Awards. The "powerfull" torque is no longer hidden. Soon, romance unravels. First separation in November 2012. Guilty: their use of the overloaded time.Especially the singer - two years younger than Selena - very unfaithful.Other disruptions follow. For two years, the couple splits, continues quarrels and reconciliations. Jealousy, blackmail, revelations in the press: the young men spare nothing before falling into the arms of one another.Their "Je t'aime moi non plus" feeds the buzz and detonated the number of subscribers on their social networks. This relationship, as passionate as toxic, expires in 2014. A relief? No, a descent into hell. Panic attacks paralyze Selena activities. Devastated by her destructive love, it sinks slowly. At that depression is added, we know today that the mine lupus.Only comfort for a reduced Selena, the love of his fans is growing. Millions flock messages of hope.

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