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четверг, 17 ноября 2016 г.

Sophie Marceau: 50 years of love with News of the World Top

Sophie Marceau turns 50 today. The opportunity to (re) discover the best photos of the actress in News of the World Top.

For many, it will always remain in Vic "The Boom", a girl with the perfect mug in a perfect family in the early 80s thanks to this role, Sophie Marceau, whose real name is Sophie Maupu, has become the symbol of all a generation. Bride of all French.
 Through the years, Paris Match has followed his career. His films, his first awards - she won for "La Boum 2" César for Best Actress - and off to Hollywood.

Because his talent captivated America. Then in 1995, Sophie is engaged by Mel Gibson to play in "Braveheart," his epic about Scottish independence. She plays in English, Isabella of France. From that moment, Hollywood tends her arms.
 It became the 65th James Bond girl in history by interpreting Elektra King alongside Pierce Brosnan in "The World Is Not Enough" and sign his directorial debut, "Tell me about love."Over time, always with success, Sophie returned to comedy with "LOL" or "the other side of the bed." Then she became more discreet. She ended her story with Christophe Lambert, and his first love, Andrzej Zulawski , with which she became a wife and mother, died in February.

Today Sophie is 50 years old. More fulfilled than ever, more loved by the public than it has ever been. "When I do something, I do not expect to know if it will please or not. My choices are not guided by the desire to be loved. " Her secret? It does not seek to please. It naturally pleases.

To mark the 50th anniversary of Sophie Marceau, Paris Match opens its archives. Discover the best photos of the actress.

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