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воскресенье, 27 ноября 2016 г.

Tech News: Corel Releases WordPerfect Lightning Beta… Free

Yet another turn in office productivity suites. Corel’s long-running word processor (which has long been overshadowed by Microsoft Word in terms of popularity) meets a milestone in its release of WordPerfect Lightning Beta.
WordPerfect Beta Lighting offers built-in access to online services which includes collaboration and storage that free users from browser dependence. It offers to be the middle way between Google’s online dependence and Microsoft’s desktop dependence.
WordPerfect Lightning is made up of four major components:
  • Navigator is an Explorer type interface where you can arrange information.
  • Viewer is a document-reading tool that can view files in Word, PDF, and WordPerfect formats.
  • Lightning Notes is a “lite” word processor that can handle text and images. It can also be used note-taking .
  • Connector is a suite of Web-based applications for collaboration - e-mail, calendars, address books, and file storage.
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