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понедельник, 21 ноября 2016 г.

Telephone Ergonomics

As a follow-up on my office ergonomics tips for business ownerspost, I’m posting this one on telephones.
I’ve seen far too many front desk people cradle phones between their shoulder and neck. It’s really bad for them. So if you ever do that, you might want to consider these tips on phone ergonomics:
  • Don’t cradle the phone that way. You’re exposing yourself to neck or back pain.
  • Time your conversations. If they start going past the ten minute mark move around. Try flexing you muscles. Twist your torso.
  • Better yet, get a headset! This’d let you write and type without cradling the phone.
  • Or you can get a telephone shoulder rest.
  • Switch the telephone from one ear to the other often.

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