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понедельник, 14 ноября 2016 г.

WAG TALE: Nicola T dressed to thrill soccer's Zamora

WhatAGirl. Glamour model Nicola T has revealed exactly what goes on in the minds of the WAGs...and yes, we're talking glad rags, bags and, erm, sh*gs.
And that last one is VERY important for Nicola, who has been with West Ham striker Bobby Zamora for two years.
"It is usually down to me to instigate sex. As a result, we make love EVERY day—even the morning before a match," said Nicola, 24, who will appear in new ITV2 reality show, WAGs Boutique.
"Bobby obviously wants me to be a little princess, but in the bedroom he wants me red-hot and sexy.
"Above the bed, he's even hung a six-foot-wide blow-up photograph of my breasts!"
Nicky knows just how to keep her footballer sweet.
"For Valentine's Day last year, I baked him a heart-shaped chocolate fudge cake and presented it to him wearing nothing but a pair of stockings and a little frilly apron," she said.
"I thought that was really sexy...and so did he. As for the sexiest thing he's ever done for me...He just lies there naked.
"Some of the other WAGS told me they were lucky if they had sex once every two weeks. But if that was me, I'd be suicidal."
She has a special way of making sure Bobby never strays.
"The most effective way is to make sure he never has the energy or the inclination," she explained, with a giggle.
"I remember when Bobby was going off on a lads' holiday, I chained him to the bed for, ohmigod, like FIVE days to wear him out before he left. Whenever he's going on a boys' night out, I make him have sex with me first just before he leaves. That way I know he won't be looking for it while he's out."

When Nicola thinks he's been out long enough, she texts him sexy pictures of herself so he remembers what's waiting for him at home.
"It never fails. Within 30 minutes of me hitting the send button, I hear the key in the door," said Nicola, who is the brains behind WAGs Boutique, which starts on ITV2 on Tuesday and sees two teams of WAGs run rival clothes stores.
Mind you, it's a miracle Nicola has the energy for it...
She revealed: "Once I woke Bobby up in the middle of the night specifically for sex. The next morning he told me, ‘No one has ever done that to me before!' He thought it was wicked.
"I did ask Bobby once if he was allowed to have sex before a match. He was a little unsure and said, ‘I don't think you're meant to'. But we did it anyway. Bobby even scored in the game just an hour or so later."
But he gave Nicola a rough ride when she scratched the alloys on his beloved Range Rover Sport.
"That was the worst thing I ever did," she said. "It was his pride and joy. He forgave me...eventually."
But there's never a cross word spoken—because they do all their arguing by text.
"Bobby and I never have face-to-face rows. We only ever fight by text. And the next time we see each other, everything's normal."
Their last text row blew up when she left orange make-up stains on her house-proud lover's crisp white sheets. "I'm banned from using his large fluffy white Egyptian cotton bath towels from The White Company in case I get make-up over them too.

"God forbid, I once put a dirty plate in his clean dishwasher —another definite no-no.
"Bobby also likes me to dry my toothbrush with a towel before I put it back in case it leaves a mess."

Nicola admits obsessing about things too. Mostly shiny things.
She said: "At the moment, it's all about the engagement ring. And size really does matter. The important thing is for it to be just one huge stone.
"One of the WAGS on the show has a £79,000 engagement ring. It's f***ing massive. I even tried it on. Loved it.

"But I think I have the best bag on the show. It's a £1,100 Fendi bag that Bobby bought me for Christmas. All the other WAGs tell me they love it, but then I start wondering if they really do. I hope they're not just saying it."
The stress these poor girls are under... 

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