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понедельник, 28 ноября 2016 г.

Windows Tip: Read Text E-books Like a Real Book

Project Gutenberg has helped a great many of us obtain open domain texts. Practically free books online (some priced at $20 in print, take five books and that’s a good hundred bucks). But reading plain text can be really a bore.
Here’s yet another good freeware that lets you read those plain text e-books book style - eTextReader. It allows you to read text files, Project Gutenberg ZIP files, RTF and HTML e-books. For a more customized feel, it also allows you to change the font and size, change the font and background color. You can even set set bookmarks and margins. It also comes with a search feature.
What’s also really great about it is that it needs no installation. Just download and you’re good to go. Perfect to kept in a USB thumb drive along with your e-books on the go.

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