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четверг, 10 ноября 2016 г.

With $ 50 000, a Chinese manufactures a robot Scarlett Johansson

A Chinese 42 years has made a personal robot resembling very strongly to actress Scarlett Johansson. To do this, it has invested more than $ 50 000.

Ricky Ma realized his childhood dream. At 42 years, Chinese has made a life-size humanoid robot to accompany him in his daily life. The design of its prototype asked him a year and a half and more than 50 000. "I told myself I had to do it when the time is right to realize my dream. If I make it, I regret nothing in my life, "expressed Ricky Ma Reuters.

"Mark 1, you are so beautiful"

To shape his robot, he confessed he was inspired by a Hollywood star without naming. The result: "Mark 1", a humanoid that is very similar to actress Scarlett Johansson. Primed a gray skirt and a white jacket, the machine is able to move his arms and legs to turn his head and make facial expressions. So when the owner said micro "Mark 1, you're so beautiful," his eyebrows and plastic muscles begin to move, and the corner of his lips reveal a smile. Then the robot responds: "Hehe, thank you."

"During construction, many people said things like: Are you stupid? It'll cost you a lot of money or do you know how to make the robot? It is extremely difficult, "growls Ricky Ma. But the Chinese persevered and faced various obstacles he encountered. He believes in the role of robot in the near future and has written a book soon to tell his experience to help robotics enthusiasts.

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