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суббота, 3 декабря 2016 г.

A 14-YEAR-OLD girl chillingly reveals how she has slept with EIGHT boys after losing her virginity

A 14-YEAR-OLD girl chillingly reveals how she has slept with EIGHT boys after losing her virginity at TWELVE in an explosive TV documentary that will stun every parent in Britain. 

Wearing her school uniform, the youngster also tells how underage sex is RIFE among her friends and how she fears she has caught a sexually transmitted disease. 

And in a sad indictment of our country's generation of lost innocents, she says: "Sex makes you feel good about yourself. It makes you feel like people care about you."
The hard-hitting investigation also features a teenage boy who claims he has become "bored" with sex after sleeping with more than TEN girls since first experimenting sexually at the age of ELEVEN.
Mike O'Brien, now 16, warns: "Kids will have sex if they want to have sex.
"They won't use a condom if they don't want to use one." This week's ITV series Too Much Too Young comes just weeks after the News of the World revealed how underage teen pregnancies had become an epidemic.
In the worst area for gymslip mums, Redcar and Cleveland, an astonishing ONE in 50 girls under 16 falls pregnant.
Caz—the girl in the documentary whose real identity we are protecting—fits that profile.
She openly admits: "I've slept with about eight people. I wish I had said no more often, because I think only a couple of lads that I slept with cared about me, like even in the slightest.
"I think a lot of them, you know, just wanted sex.
"There are a lot of rumours going around about me. About how I sleep with everyone. But I can say No, it's just hard." 

Dressed in her school uniform she is filmed for the ITV1 documentary at a health clinic awaiting the results of a test for a sexually transmitted disease after having unprotected sex.
But her story is only the tip of the iceberg. Student Mike, of Wombourne, Wolverhampton, says his schoolmates consider the morning-after pill effective enough contraception—because they cannot be bothered using condoms.
"I have had unprotected sex. Safe sex and wearing condoms is now sort of a thing of the past really," he says. "People don't consider protection as an option."

Mike, the son of a teacher who comes from a respectable family, adds: "I've done a lot with girls I was friends with. That was sort of meaningless.
"I got bored with it too early as well, because it's just something that you do and get it over and done with, with a girl that you don't really care about or know."
He claimed girls at his school had the same casual attitude. 

"A lot of them are really bold about taking the morning-
after pill. They might be worried inside but they are cocky and boast about it in school." They should be worried too.
Rates of sexually transmitted diseases among teens have soared by 24.3 per cent since the morning-after pill became free in schools, according to government research.
But Mike's mum Lin appears resigned to being unable to stop her son. She says: "If you tell them to wait, I don't think it makes any difference, because they just do it anyway."
Mike adds: "Parents have got to realise that they can't stop their kids, they can't tell them no drugs, no sex, no drinking. Teenagers want to explore what they want to explore."
Yet there is some hope. He now wishes he could turn back the clock.
Mike revealed that after bedding a string of schoolgirls he became known at his state school for being promiscuous.
He says: "I only speak to one person from my school now because I got a reputation. I got labelled as a male slag and girls thought I was a player. I wasn't picky and people knew that. It's not something I'm proud about."
Mike and Caz tell their stories in Too Much Too Young which starts on Tuesday at 10pm. 

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