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четверг, 8 декабря 2016 г.

Alicia Aylies, Miss Guyana 2016: "Miss France is a time of regional pride"

Pending the election of December 17, which will crown the Miss France 2017, discover the personality of each of the 30 candidates. Focus on Oceane Faure, Aylies Alicia, 18, a law student.

Paris Match. Why and for whom do you want to become Miss France? 
 Alicia Aylies. Outside of a project and a personal life experience that would fill my wildest dreams, I would first become Miss France, to represent the diversity of the peoples of our great country hex, paying top and away the colors of one of its most unusual and little-known regions of Guyana. Being Miss France is also a great promotional window to get messages of respect, tolerance and difference in the service of a common goal: to radiate the image of a modern France, and with this title, I would contribute!

What difference did your deal with 29 other candidates? 
 My charming advantage over other candidates, this may be my regional cultural contribution: rich in its multiethnicity, distinctive regional characteristics that give France the diversity of its population and its attraction as a destination and especially as a land of integration.
Contests like Miss France are often criticized in relation to the image of women that they carry. What do you think ? 
 Personally I think that a competition such as "Miss France" emphasizes youth and maturity of young women performed in modern France, tolerant; and carrying no image degrading the status of women. It also helps to offer those lucky enough to live, a time of regional pride, setting personal value and accessible dream, in a world where the reality of working life and social difficulties allow the bit!

"I would love to support access to sport for all"

What Miss France in history has particularly impressed you? 
 I was very marked by grace, simplicity and of course the beauty of mixedFlora Coquerel , a charismatic Miss, which was for me when elected and still is, very representative of an intelligent youth, while affirming his nationality was forged in its various roots and symbolized with radiation values of the French generation in the making.
Which fight would you take during your year of reign, if you win the contest? 
 I would love to support access to sport for all and particularly those with reduced mobility. I think this is a sure way to gain the values of tolerance and solidarity, to learn to "live together well" and overcome differences.
Tell us about your area. Why are you proud to represent? 
 I am indeed very proud to represent my land of Guyana, where I have the great opportunity to live and for me, has a most valuable regional potentials of France: cradle of its technological parameter with the Kourou base, treasure biodiversity with its unique Amazon rainforest, melting pot of cultures with its unique ethnic mix, radiation its multiethnic culture and geographical bridge of France on the south American continent. A region different from all others!

"My meeting with fencing changed everything"

Beyond the election, do you already have a professional project, a dream? 
 Like many young women, I dream of fashion, podium and great shows and fashion designers, but I also know that this is an environment where it is very difficult to achieve. So I keep foremost objective to fulfill myself fully in the legal function I intended, because justice is for me an irreplaceable principle of life.
Have you a model? 
 I like the personality of the singer Alicia Keys, piercing through his songs to relevant success, its decision-militant positions on social issues and simplicity of life, which can only reach those who follow it from its early career.
The public wants to know you. Can you tell us more about yourself by telling us an important event of your life ...
 The milestone that changed my life for me and shaped my character is: my meeting with fencing! 

 I have known this sport from the age of 4 years and it allowed me to channel my energy a little overwhelming, to say certain facets of my personality such as determination, combativeness, observation and motivation. I have drawn this relentless desire to excel, to go further in my goals and especially to my own tolerance and self-questioning that I try to apply in my daily life, in my trade and my projects. Fencing opened my beautiful regional meetings between Guyana, the Caribbean and mainland France. I grew up with the sport that has become a true passion, according to competitions, beautiful games, allowing me to escape the everyday and beat me even more to achieve my goals.

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