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среда, 21 декабря 2016 г.

Arnold Schwarzenegger does not like his body

He is the most famous bodybuilder of all time, yet Arnold Schwarzenegger does not like his body: "When I look in the mirror,  I want to vomit." 

Bodybuilding, definition: "Sport which consists in developing its 
muscular mass for an aesthetic purpose". A discipline in which excelled Arnold Schwarzenegger . So much so that he was elected five times Mister Universe and seven times Mr. Olympia (annual competition for bodybuilding). Yet the bodybuilder, now an actor and then a politician, does not like his body: "When I look at myself in the mirror, I want to vomit," Arnold Schwarzenegger said in an interview with the magazine "Cigar aficionado" The cover of the month of February.
And if Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks today, when he is 69, he admits that this was already the case a few years ago: "I was already very critical of myself when I was At the top of my form, "he adds. "I looked at myself in the mirror after winning one of my Mr. Olympia and thought," How did this pile of m **** win? "So the one who plays" Terminator "never had confidence in him, in his image:" I never saw perfection. There is always something missing. " 

Addicted to sport

That is why he continues to go to the gym: because he wants to "stay in shape for as long as possible" but also because it gives him confidence. "My day can not start without my doing sports," he explains. "And I practice before going to bed - cardio and exercises with weights." Result of his intense training: "I do not feel my age. I do exactly the same things as 20 years ago, "says Arnold Schwarzenegger.

At 67, Arnold Schwarzenegger has not finished conquering the planet. 
After having interrupted his career as an actor for politics and founded the NGO R20 to promote ecology, he found the paths of the studios. It is the poster of "Maggie", film in which it incarnates the father of a girl with a mysterious evil. The opportunity for the most armored comedian in the world to show that he also knows how to play the tender. But no question of letting go of the prey for the shadow: in "Terminator." Genisys ", which will be released on July 1, Schwarzy picks up one of the characters who have forged its success.

Paris Match. Critics are unanimous on your performance in "Maggie" . You've never been as good as this tender father who is trying to save his daughter from a pandemic. Would you become more human as you grow older? 
Arnold Schwarzenegger. For years, my only purpose in this trade was to make money. And since, in addition, I brought back a lot, nobody thought of offering me this kind of film. This is the first time we have really talked about myself as an actor. People discover that I am not a zombie or a mountain of muscles, but a man who experiences emotions and can sometimes cry. As long as I did not have children, I could not imagine what the pain would be to lose one. Now I can.
It must be said that so far in movies , men were especially enamored of weapons ...
I make films for the audience, not for me. I'm 67 years old. My audience is now a baby boomers audience, they may want to see me differently. Entertainment is like politics: if you are not in contact with your audience, you can not succeed.

"In politics as in cinema, to succeed, one must penetrate the heart of the one who is in front of you"

Can we say that, conversely, politics is cinema? 
In politics as in cinema, to succeed, one must penetrate the heart of the one who is in front of you. After a political debate, if you ask someone to repeat what he has heard, he will be unable to do it once in two. On the other hand, he will tell you right away if he liked the person who spoke, and if she reassures him. The problem is that in politics everything changes all the time: one year, the budget is the most important; The next year is education. We must adapt quickly.
Being an actor, it helps anyway to do politics ...
Not sure.
You served two terms as governor of California. What have you learned about you? 
To be more realistic. Ideology is easy when you do not have to face reality. I am an immigrant. I need to give back what I have received. Serving people is my passion, and then I always preferred to give that receive. When I became governor, I earned over $ 30 million per film. I lost millions of dollars in renouncing my profession as an actor, but I never regretted it.

You put money at the center of any discussion. Where does this obsession come from? 
In life, I see everything in the form of competition. At the beginning I was devoured with ambition. I had only one goal, to be the best paid actor in the world. I worked like a madman to get there. There is no secret. When I was ten years old, I had organized a small business on the lake where we lived: on Sundays I went to the grocer to buy ice cream, which I sold twice as much to walkers before they melt. With the profits, I offered myself sports clothes. When I received a check for $ 12,000 for "Hercules in New York," I deposited it in the bank instead of spending it and in 1974, with my $ 20,000 savings, I bought My first apartment. I do not know who I am holding this, but I have always been very good with the money.
What is fascinating is that you never doubt you! 
When I was young, I had two idols, Clint Eastwood and Kirk Douglas. I wanted to become like them. I always knew that one day I would do great things.

"My confidence in me was built on my victories"

Where does this certainty come from? 
My confidence in myself was built on my victories. I apply the rules I learned to win at body-building: work and clear visualization of what I want. There is no plan B, no safety net. You fail, you plant yourself. You fall, you pick up. It was my coaches and mentors who encouraged me; My parents, never.
Why ? 
They thought I was crazy. They did not understand why I wanted to be the best in the world, why I lifted weights for hours. Before dying, in 1972, my father had time to see me win my third title of world champion. He said, "We never knew where you held that strength, but apparently it works!"

Facing the skeleton of "Terminator", a role that sticks to the skin.© Sébastien Micke
And your mother? 
At the death of my brother, I took great care of her. I took her everywhere with me, on the shootings, the White House, the Golden Globes, the Oscars ... She loved it. When I was married, she came in the spring to spend two months with us. His death, in 1998, devastated me. My great regret is that she has not seen me become a governor.
Policies often make promises they do not keep. Have you held yours? 
I was determined to hold them all. But in the end, if you manage to keep half, you can feel happy. When you are a Republican and you are surrounded only by Democratic leaders, as was the case, you are stuck, it is a permanent struggle. Politics are comparable to failures: if you have two coins left and the opponent has sixteen, you have little chance of winning.
You are a strong advocate for the environment. In this area, what are you most proud of? 
Having reduced greenhouse gas emissions in California. I belong to this category of politicians who believe that we can respect the environment without slowing down the economy. The fight against global warming is my great crusade. I will go to the end.
Which candidate will you support in the next presidential campaign? 
Eisenhower said that if one goes too far to the right or to the left, one goes directly into the gutter; We can only drive in the middle. I am, on principle, against extremes. I want someone measured, but I have not decided yet. It's too early.

"I respect Gorge Clooney and as soon as he asks me to sign a petition, I do it"

Do you think George Clooney will one day or another come forward as a governor or even another position?

Although our political views are different, we are very close friends. As soon as he asks me to sign a petition, I do. I respect and appreciate it very much. But, sincerely, I do not know if he will introduce himself. Everything is possible. Look at me !
What is left of European in you? 
I was born in Austria, but I built myself in America. I love the Old Continent. The problem is that in Europe stylists are sanctioned successfully.
You have four children ...
No, five!
Are you worried about their future? 
We talk a lot about it. They are very privileged and know that they will never go hungry, but they have feet of course land. Whether they become a plumber, politician or actor, I will respect their choice. The only thing I ask them is to have a clear vision of what they want to do. The youngest of my daughters, Christina, who is 23 years old, is still a student. Katherine, the eldest, wants to become a journalist on television, like her mother. One of my sons takes classes to be an actor, while learning business: he does not only want to earn money, but also to know how to keep him. I can only encourage him in that sense.
After twenty-five years of marriage, you announced, in May 2011, your separation from Maria Shriver. How is your divorce going? 
It follows its course. We are not divorced yet. Given the circumstances, we have the best possible relationship. Same thing with my children, and I'm lucky that they get on very well. On a professional and personal level, everything goes well.
Is there a new woman in your life? 
Yes, I have a girlfriend ... but I do not want to talk about it.
Clinton, Strauss-Kahn, you ... At different levels, you all took the risk of blowing up what you took years to build, because of sex. Does this mean that sex is more important than power? 
[He laughs.] If you have the answer, I beg you, give it to me!
Can you consider that you live one of the happiest periods of your existence? 

You can not imagine what it would be like for the son of a modest policeman in a small village in Austria to win the title of M. Universe at the age of twenty and climb on a podium in London, What it means to first set foot on American soil in 1968, to win my first million dollars, to take American nationality in 1983, to marry a woman like Maria, to have four Children then a fifth ... I would not exchange my life for anything in the world! I never look back on my past. I never look at my pictures or my movies. What would it do? I am totally forward-looking. The only thing I hope is to leave a positive impact on this world. I never took myself very seriously ...

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