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понедельник, 12 декабря 2016 г.

Australia: the man who boxed a kangaroo is lynched on the web

The fight between a kangaroo and an Australian, won by the latter, divides the web. Some believe that man has purposely hit the animal while others view it as a "savior".

You've probably seen pass on your Facebook newsfeed or received in your mailbox. Broadcast December 4 on YouTube, the video (below) showing a young man to a straight right to the face of a kangaroo to release his dog, has been viewed over 34 million times in a more 'one week. The scene, filmed close to the town of Condobolin, in the state of New South Wales (South Australia) had ended on this note, leaving behind a few kangaroo little disoriented but not injured.
While many users have placed the author of Greig Tonkins punch a hero, some animal rights associations have decried. This is the case of Australia PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), which wants the Australian will be prosecuted. "Hitting a kangaroo face is neither funny nor courageous. It is illegal, as the harassment of wild animals by dogs, " wrote the association on Facebook , before continuing:" Not only is this man assaulted a kangaroo, but he has endangered his dogs using them to hunt. "

A hunt for their sick friend

Behind this comment, hides in fact the cause of the fight scene. Greig Tonkins and some friends had organized last June a battered boar to make the last wish of Kailem Barwick, their friend with a terminal cancer, who died on 1 st December. At that moment, when he saw the altercation between the two animals, Greig Tonkins intervened to prevent them from getting hurt. "The blow stopped the kangaroo and left him dazed, giving the dog owner and the animal time to escape facing this large wild animal. [...] We laughed at the absurdity of this situation and how it was unfortunate for the dog and the kangaroo, " explained the author of the video which reacted to charges laid against his friend.
This justification has not convinced everyone. The Australian presenter David Campbell called the dismissal of Tonkins Greig, who works as a guard at Taronga Western Plains Zoo. "He knows he is filmed. Once the dog is released, his first reaction is not to escape but to face the animal and hit it, "he said. On Facebook , the zoo's management defended its employee, "We do not condone violence against an animal, or some circumstances but we want to thank all those who gave their support to Mr Tonkins and confirm that we have no l intention to dismiss him. He is a passionate guardian and a valued member of our team for six years. " 

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