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четверг, 15 декабря 2016 г.

Bella Hadid tells her weight loss, complexes

Interviewed by "People" magazine, Bella Hadid new Victoria's Secret Angel, talks about her weight loss and its complex. 

Bella Hadid had to radically change lifestyle by becoming a model. No more random diet and afternoon stroll on the California beaches, the beautiful plant is to carve out a silhouette.
Bella Hadid has thus imposed a high protein diet. She now also compelled to daily sports three hours. Soon the results were visible. The refined waist, tapered legs and face more digging, Bella began in  the shoes of a top international , leaving aside her buttocks she loved: "My weight varies widely. I never wanted to lose weight. I want a breast, and I want to get my butt. But it's not my fault, my weight changes like everyone else, "she explains to the" magazine People . " 

Target of much criticism accusing him of having lost her shapely figure, the top 19 years says: "And if people start to judge, I think it's the worst thing because everyone is different." The mannequin wants to ensure: "I think every person in the world to complex." and the good will especially emphasize the fact that it has joined the ranks of the angels of Victoria's Secret.
 Angels often considered the most beautiful women in the world."It's crazy because'm sure that when people look at the Victoria's Secret models  or even the other, they think:" They are not human, they have no complexes. ". But this is totally wrong. Complex and was all mine, it's my ass. "

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