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четверг, 8 декабря 2016 г.

Brad Pitt: His children refuse to see no therapist

Poised to complete his divorce agreement with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt still can not see her children without the presence of a therapist. The six toddlers are still traumatized.
Brad Pitt can not see her children without the presence of a therapist, says TMZ . The actor agreed with Angelina jolie in September: it must, before feeding any hope of seeing her children again normally , participate in family sessions. These sessions are intended to heal the trauma that children since the famous incident of the private jet. There three months, Brad Pitt would have slapped his eldest, Maddox. A case that the  police chose to classify lack of evidence . But a gesture whose family is not unscathed. Psychologists and Angie decide to exile.

But now, Maddox and Pax, the two eldest of six siblings of children refuse to see their father. And Brad Pitt began to be tired of not having time alone with her children . During these weekly sessions, he has the opportunity to see that thirty to sixty minutes depending on the length of the session. A painful context for the actor who refuses to continue under these conditions. 

Towards the end of Hollywood?

Angelina Jolie wants psychologists continue to decide whether the children are ready to see their father. For the actress, these joint sessions allow children to settle with their father trauma. His legal team has asked again to Brad Pitt to respect this process, finally closing the debate.According to Laura Wasser, lawyer of the actress, Brad Pitt must monitor estimates therapists to respect the feelings of children. 
While the divorce seems to be finalized in favor of lovely Angelina, Brad Pitt is trying to win everything he can to this breaking agreement . The actress, she already seems far away. She would even prepared his next life. It decided according to TMZ, go to live in London with her six children.It thus cut with Brad Pitt but also Hollywood. Ambassador for ten years, she holds a position of envoy of High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) of the UN since 2012. By moving to London, the actress would approach the UN headquarters, which is located in Geneva. In recent months, rumors would like the dream star to head the UN. Just that. And to achieve its goal, it would be advised by British politicians,  whose Arminka Helic , parliamentary seats in the House of Lords.

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