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понедельник, 26 декабря 2016 г.

Cameron Diaz sharing a roll-up with Drew Barrymore

HERE'S Cameron Diaz sharing a roll-up with Drew Barrymore as they chill out on a joint holiday.

The close pals and Charlie's Angels co-stars split the cost of their high jinx on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. 
Drew passed the ciggie to Cameron, 34, who checked the coast was clear before taking a long drag. A fellow bather said: "Cameron's eyes were half shut and she leant back so far she was almost horizontal."
The duo have become closer friends after Cameron split from her pop-star toyboy Justin Timberlake last month and Drew broke off her relationship with Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti.
The pair - who co-starred with sultry actress Lucy Liu in the Charlie’s Angels movies - even vowed to spend Valentine’s Day together.
But Drew has since been spotted snuggling up to director Spike Jonze.
The actress is known for her wild chidhood, and famously confessed to drinking aged nine, smoking marijuana at 10 and snorting cocaine at 12.
She began battling an addiction to drink and drugs following the 1982 blockbuster E.T.
She later talked of hitting rock bottom, attempting suicide at 13 by slashing her wrists.
Cameron will appear later this year in animated film Shrek the Third. 

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