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четверг, 22 декабря 2016 г.

Charlotte Church chats about her insecurities over Gavin

Charlotte Church chats about her insecurities over Gavin - and sorting out the women who hit on him. By Christine Smith

Feisty, confident Charlotte Church has everything going for her. She's a gorgeous multimillionaire, bursting with talent, has the world at her feet and could have any man she wants.

But underneath that brash exterior, she's battling insecurities and fighting the green-eyed monster. Despite her adoration of Gavin Henson, Charlotte admits he's not a romantic and, even worse, he doesn't reassure her by telling her he worships her.
"He's not a really emotional guy who tells me he loves me 20 times a day," admits the singer, who turns 21 in a few days' time. "He's a big strapping rugby player. We're not doing anything for Valentine's Day this year." After two years of dating, what about their future?
"We have no plans to wed just yet - we're content as we are. And we are not planning children either," she explains defensively.
However, Charlotte is quick to add that Gavin buys her great gifts.
"He's very thoughtful. He bought me a beautiful piano for Christmas last year and, last Valentine's Day, he bought me a beautiful diamond and emerald bracelet because green is my favourite colour," she explains.
Her mention of the colour green is rather ironic, as Charlotte is frank about her struggle with the amount of female attention that Gavin attracts. Her jealous rages have sparked spats on nights out and their recent holiday to the swanky French ski resort of Chamonix was no exception.
Such incidents are often dismissed as drink-fuelled nothings but, in the cold, sober light of day, Charlotte appears concerned. And she's not afraid to intervene when the moment arises.
"There have been one or two occasions where girls have literally thrown themselves at him," admits Charlotte. "I took them aside and said, 'Look, what are you trying to do? Leave the man alone, he's mine.' It's so disrespectful." It's sad to see her whirlwind of worry. Especially when she's happy to describe herself as a "housewife".
Britain's hottest couple have now been living together in Cardiff for over a year, and Charlotte has withdrawn into a life of domesticity and eased up on her trademark nights out for the sake of her relationship.
But insecurity about her man surfaces after a few drinks.
"I go out once every few weeks now," she reveals. "I was drinking too much." Now her focus is clearly on creating domestic bliss for her man.
"Gavin has such a busy training schedule," she says. "Every day I get up and make sure he has a packed lunch. Sometimes I make smoked salmon
sandwiches, other times I do a couple of chicken breasts."
She may be making healthy food for Gavin but Charlotte isn't crazy about all things nutritional. While Gavin, 24, works hard to maintain his rugged physique, curvy Charlotte is prone to a spot of comfort eating and admits she finds it hard following Gavin's healthy diet at home.
"I try to eat good, fresh food," she says. "I don't eat microwave meals or McDonald's, but if I want chips, I will have them. I will always do Gavin a healthy dinner like chicken and fresh steamed vegetables but I'll have fried chicken and chips - with some of Gav's veg to make myself feel better. And he'll nick a few of my chips if he's feeling weak." You can't help but warm to Charlotte. Behind the hype, she's a young woman who's still trying to find her feet and often turns to simple treats to cheer herself up.
"I don't buy chocolate or crisps at the supermarket but, after a meal, I will go to our local shop and buy sweets," she says.
"I love penny sweets. Gavin's sister bought me a chest-full of them for Christmas. I loved it!"
Charlotte doesn't share Gavin's love of exercise, either, and can't be bothered to work out - but she does admit that she would like to be thinner.
"I would love to wake up tomorrow and be a fabulous, toned size 8," she says.
"It would be great but it's not going to happen. And I can't be bothered to do the work to get there. I'm not vain and I don't wear make-up much. Some people are self-obsessed and there are more important things to worry about - like learning new things - than worrying about salad.
"For Gavin's last birthday, I had a gym built in our garage but, even though it's in my house, I still can't motivate myself to use it. I can't tear myself away from This Morning." Talking about television lifts her mood. The second series of The Charlotte Church Show starts on Channel 4 later this month and Charlotte's banned any reality stars from appearing on it.
"I prefer to have proper actors and singers on," she says. "I haven't got a lot to say to reality stars. There is only so much you can ask them.
"My ideal guests would be Lee Evans, Prince and Sting. Before the first series, Paris Hilton tried to demand £250k to come on the show.
I certainly don't agree with what Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan do. There's no need to go out without your knickers on!" Charlotte launched her own acting career when she starred in the 2003 Brit movie I'll Be There. But she admits it was a mistake and won't be taking on any more serious acting roles.
"I enjoyed the experience but I thought I was a sh*t actress," she shrugs.
"Comedy acting is very over the top. I found subtle acting really difficult. I was also very young. Maybe I would be better now but I'm not interested.
"And I'm definitely not planning on moving to Los Angeles - I'm happy in Wales. When I was a teenager, I was really successful in the US. But the workload is immense. I made a lot of money but I was tired all the time. I can say I've done that. Now I think I'll leave it to other budding singers and actors."
The Charlotte Church Show returns on Friday, February 23, 10pm, Channel 4.

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