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понедельник, 19 декабря 2016 г.

Chic is Christmas!

Toys envy of parents, accessories to garden or cook in style ... Our dream list to read with relish.

The small lacquer hood
1. Aster Skateboard, mini-cruiser, in glulam and flax fiber and pyrography, design Alexandre Fougea, Akonite, 270 Euros. 2. bright building bricks, Bonpoint, 55 Euros. 3. The Graceful Palette, 16 colors, Sephora, 19,95 Euros. 4. The famous board game has its premises on the side of the Place Vendome, Ritz Monopoly sold the concept store at the Ritz, 85 Euros. 5. Instant Camera Can -i-1, automatic doubling of a mode connected via Bluetooth to manage since its Smartphone, The Impossible Project, 299 Euros. 6. Camera Sports bearing the image of favorite cartoon small, "Cars" x Lexibook Disney, 59.99 Euros. 7. Small red car Maverick plastic and rubber, PlayForEver, 29,95 Euros. 8. Blue Guitar Folk GFS 50 Dreadnought Shiver at Cultura, 99 Euros. 9. Playing cards game house Christian Lacroix to Paris Galison, 38 Euros. 10. Doll Les Parisiennes, multicolored cotton, Moulin Roty at Smallable, 45 Euros. 11. Miniature car in tribute to Peugeot who ran the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Peugeot 402 Darl'Mat, Peugeot, 149 Euros. 12. Message suspended, the neon letters in Fleux Seletti, 52 Euros the unit without transformer. 13. A gift that keeps on his arm, clutch resin flakes, Karl Lagerfeld, 155 Euros.14. cushion to cuddle cat-shaped head, green materials, Egg NYC, 89 Euros. 15. Eric Bompard Cashmere joins the cause of Patronage Cardiac Surgery dresses and cashmere bear this (the profits from sales of these products will be donated to the association), Eric Bompard, 32 Euros.Au ground fabric Inuit collection the Basics, Lelièvre.

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