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четверг, 22 декабря 2016 г.

Chrissy Metz: Who is the actress of "This is us"?

In "This is us", Chrissy Metz plays Kate. A bad character in his skin that does not meet the standards of beauty of Hollywood. 

In the Pearson family of "This is us", there is the daughter Kate. A young woman badly in her skin, obsessed with her weight that takes stock of her life on the day of her 36 years, and does not really like what she draws. Kate is played by Chrissy Metz. The 36-year-old actress saw the American Horror Story: Freak Show and was greeted by the audience. The fighting she leads to accept her body and lose weight are staged without a filter. A rarity on the small screen. "She lives in the shadow of her twin brother. She never felt suitable or as beautiful and slender as her mother. These are the demons she fights. Once she finished with these complex, it may finally become the woman she had to be, " said Chrissy Metz to Vulture  about his character.

This fight against obesity, the actress born in Florida also leads him. When his character decides to lose weight, Chrissy Metz will have to make the same sacrifices. She confirmed that her contract with the NBC chain contains a clause to lose weight together with Kate. "It's win-win for me," Has she told TVLine . Because it's one thing to do it alone. But as a human being, it is a matter of ego. It's easier to do things for someone else. "

Chrissy Metz said in "People" have suffered from its appearance from a young age and have collected many critics, both in his private and professional life. As Rebecca (Moore Mandy) in "This is us" , the mother of Chrissy Metz tried to do everything for her daughter lose weight. In particular, she told the American magazine how at 11 years old she attended Weight Watchers meetings (selling food supposed to contribute to weight loss). "It's a heartbreaking thing because, as a parent, you want your child to have the best possible life, you want him to feel protected in a bubble where everyone finds him beautiful and perfect . But this is not always the case, "continues the young woman who spent part of her childhood in Japan to follow her father, a member of the US Navy. His 30 years have been a decisive milestone. "I had as an illumination that my life is only mine and that my choices belong only to me."

Six years after the "revelation", Chrissy Metz inspires many women who find themselves in her character of Kate and was nominated at the prestigious Golden Globes in the Best Supporting Actor category in a series, mini-series or a TV movie. A consecration for her, as she entrusted to Vulture. "Being an unconventional actress or catching up with lost time means a lot because there have been times when I said to myself," Maybe I would be unable to succeed. "

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