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суббота, 17 декабря 2016 г.

Demi Moore reveals why she's kicked her excercise addiction

Demi Moore reveals why she's kicked her excercise addiction, and is out to wow audiences with her acting, not her curves

By Hilary Morgan and Rachel Corcoran
Demi Moore is famous for her buff bod. She's toned it to perfection for gruelling roles such as GI Jane, flaunted it in Striptease and famously posed nude while heavily pregnant.
And, after years out of the limelight, she's come back aged 44 with a body of a 21-year-old, achieved by spending an estimated £226,500 on plastic surgery.
But Demi's brutal quest for physical perfection is getting too much. Once she trained six times a week and did hundreds of stomach crunches every day. Now she admits that she can't keep up.
"I did kill myself with exercise but I've not done that for quite a while," she admits. "I'd take on film roles that made it absolutely necessary to be buff but I took it a bit too far. Now I do brisk walking as it has less impact on the bones. I also do Pilates to stretch and elongate the muscles, and some light weights."
Her new attitude might have something to do with her toy boy hubby, Ashton Kutcher, 16 years her junior.
Has she come to the happy conclusion that you're only as young as the man that you feel?
"Maybe!" laughs Demi. "Although saying that, Ashton is unusually mature and wise. I'm very comfortable now with the age I am and the way I look." But she admits that she's finding it a lot harder to get good acting roles as she ages. "Because there is so much focus on how I look and being the age I am, it's almost got to the point where producers don't know what to do with me," she explains.
"I'm certainly different from what most people feel someone in her 40s should be.
"And there's this idea that if you take your clothes off, you must have loose morals. There's still a negative attitude in our society towards women whose femininity might be considered seductive." Which is saying something ­ Demi has been a pin-up since her first major appearance in 1985's St Elmo's Fire.
But, rather than let age take its toll, she's laughed in its face. Demi left jaws dropping when she made her bikini-clad comeback in 2003's Charlie'sAngels: Full Throttle ­ soon after she met Ashton.

The fortune she'd spent on a boob job, a brow lift, liposuction and knee surgery to achieve her look was widely criticised. But Ashton, 28, has helped keep her young, as well as making her feel more comfortable about herself.
"Our mental and emotional states play a vital role in how we all look and feel. I've always said that people tend to look better when they're in love," she says.
Demi's marriage to Punk'd star Ashton has defied doubters and the pair are as happy as ever. Not bad considering Demi's record with men.
She married rock musician Freddie Moore aged just 18, but split four years later. Not long after she was engaged to St Elmo's Fire co-star Emilio Estevez, but called it off two months before the wedding.
Then she married Bruce Willis and had three children ­ Rumer, now 18, Scout, 15, and Tallulah, 12.
Everyone believed they were one of the few genuine Hollywood couples. That dream was shattered in 2000 when they divorced. But the pair have stayed friends ­ Bruce even joins his ex and her partner on holiday.
Today Demi's main concern is impressing audiences with her acting rather than her body. And her latest role as a bitter, washed-up cocktail-lounge singer in Emilio Estevez's Bobby has wowed critics.
"After three kids, gravity and nature take their toll, so plastic surgery is always an option," she says. "But I don't see me getting oodles of stuff done."

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