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воскресенье, 18 декабря 2016 г.

HEARTBROKEN Kylie Minogue dumped lover Olivier Martinez

HEARTBROKEN Kylie Minogue dumped lover Olivier Martinez in a furious row over his womanising.

She blew her top after our damning photos last week showed he was spending time with two other beauties while she was away.
The News of the World photographed him dining with Lost star Michelle Rodriguez, 28, before they spent the night together.
We also witnessed Israeli-born model Sarai Givati, 24, slipping into the actor's suite at a Hollywood hotel.
But Kylie, wasn't the only one angry with the 41-year-old's playboy lifestyle.
A close pal said: "Olivier got it in the neck from BOTH women this week. Kylie had had enough of him appearing with Sarai as it made her look stupid. And Sarai knew his relationship with Kylie was all but over. They both told him he had to make a choice—‘It's her or me'."
Another friend of the 38-year-old pop princess said: "Kylie has admitted their relationship has been at breaking point for some time, but last week's pictures in the News of the World were the final straw.
"They've been arguing over her plans to start a family. Because of her breast cancer, Kylie feels the best way is through adoption, but Olivier refused.

"He still feels he can be a natural father to his children and refused to entertain her talk of adoption.
"To Kylie that was heartbreaking. She wants her man to feel the same way that she does about children.
"Eventually she couldn't take it any more. She is sick of reading about his liaisons with other beautiful women.
"Although Olivier denies he was cheating, she was becoming paranoid and feels she has lost all trust.
"Her cancer ordeal taught her that life is too short to waste on bad feelings and they spent too much time arguing." A source told the News of the World last night that Martinez, 41, has also cooled his romance with Sarai, insisting they must not meet publicly, if at all.
On Friday night, a joint statement was released saying: "Olivier Martinez and Kylie Minogue have officially confirmed that they are no longer a couple.
"They have made it clear that the decision to go their separate ways was mutual and amicable. The two remain very close friends."
Yet, even as the statement was being issued, Martinez was partying in Hollywood with another mystery stunner.
He left his exclusive hideaway Chateau Marmont hotel to party with the curvy beauty at a Beverly Hills manision, but this time he went home alone.
Kylie had invited him to join her in Mexico where she is taking a well-earned break from her punishing Showgirl Homecoming tour.
But Martinez had snubbed the chance to hold "clear the air" talks and remained holed up in the hotel. That was where we caught him having secret trysts with Sarai and Michelle — two women he has been linked to in the past.
Martinez had previously promised Kylie he was NOT having a fling with Sarai after spending three nights with her in Paris six weeks ago.
He claimed it was movie business. But we also caught him sharing a romantic dinner with 28-year-old Michelle who he had been spotted kissing outside the same hotel two years earlier.
""They returned to his suite and she emerged next morning in the same clothes.
"Last night a close friend of the couple said: "Kylie knew she and Olivier couldn't go on the way they were. It was tearing her apart."
Kylie met Martinez in February 2003 at the Grammy awards in LA shortly after she had split with model James Gooding.
She believed she had found true love as he supported her through her battle with breast cancer in 2005.
But cracks began to show in the last six months as they were kept apart by her commitments and his desire to lead a Hollywood playboy lifestyle.
The pair were last pictured together in London at the end of December.
Kylie is due in Britain on Tuesday at the launch of an exhibition celebrating her career at the Victoria and Albert Museum, in west London.
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