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воскресенье, 4 декабря 2016 г.

How to Clean Mirrors

Always checking yourself out in the mirror? Well better make sure that your mirror’s spic and span. Plus a sparkling mirror makes any room look real clean too.
  • A homemade mirror polisher can be made my mixing borax and water. Wipe dry with some old newspaper.
  • Another homemade glass-cleaning spray solution is 2/3 water to 1/3rubbing alcohol + 1 tablespoon of ammonia.
  • Still using hairspray? Now those can leave an ugly haze. Rubbing alcohol will do the job on that.
  • Your bathroom mirror sure steams up. Here’s a neat trick - run an inch of cold water in the tub before running the hot.
  • You can use your hair dryer to defog a bathroom mirror.
  • Mirrors perpetually foggy? Try using those anti-fog wipes used on car windshields.

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