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пятница, 16 декабря 2016 г.

ICEBREAKER: Kristina Lenko secret divorce

DANCING On Ice babe Kristina Lenko has been hiding a secret heartache — she's getting divorced.
And the blonde beauty, partner of gay singer Stephen Gately in the ITV1 show, has told how coaches Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean have helped her through the pain.
Kristina, 26, who's been married to eight-times British skating champ Steven Cousins for three years, confirmed: "We're separated now. We split at the end of the last series of Dancing On Ice.
"It's been hard, but last year Chris and Jayne were there for me and they have been just like family. They're the people I go to when I'm lonely."
Kristina and Steven, 33, drifted apart because of their hectic lives.
She divides her time between the UK, her native Canada and Australia while Welshman Steven is just as busy, working in America and touring.
For now, the only man in Kristina's life is Gately. She loves skating with the ex-Boyzone star but she's still terrified he will drop her during a lift. She said: "I don't trust him yet. I'm getting there and he's still learning. Stephen picks me up and I can feel him rock back and forward on his skates.
"It's unnerving, but you have to remember that these celebrities have only been skating for weeks. They're doing moves you don't really do until you've had five years of training."
Kristina, who partnered Stefan Booth in last year's final, added: "The whole nature of the show is to push and challenge the stars to do dramatic moves.
"There is always an element of risk and everyone loves it when they see people fall. It's part of the fun."
Kristina admitted even the most experienced skaters can make a mistake and revealed coach and co-presenter Christopher left her battered and bruised.
She said: "I did a back flip then Chris picked me up and threw me. I fell about seven feet over his head onto my knee-caps.
"It was agony and I have ended up with two bruised bones in the knees. I was lucky not to have broken them, but they still hurt and will take weeks to heal properly."
Another hazard is being abused by the acid-tongued judges. Fans have already seen Jason Gardiner tell newsreader Kay Burley she looks "demented" when she smiles.
Kristina says: "Jason's not half as nasty as he makes out, but it makes for great entertainment when he gets harsh with people. But it's hard for the celebrities as it can make them feel insecure. And you have to be confident to go out there on the ice."
Kristina's now hoping to reach the final for the second time. She said: "Who knows when we'll be voted off. We just need to keep doing our best."

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