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воскресенье, 25 декабря 2016 г.

Insta Story: Lady Gaga, a (almost) normal singer

A few weeks after the release of her latest album "Joanne", Lady Gaga shows herself more and more freed and appeased. The result of a long battle against his demons. 

Lady is not really GagaAfter years of absence and some artistic failures, Lady Gaga returned, a few months ago, to the front of the stage with a album radically different from the others. A album appeased and made of declarations of love.

This appeasement comes after months of pain  to settle his injuries. In 2014, the singer revealed  she was raped . Lately, she returned to this event: "I suffer from post-traumatic stress. I never told anyone ... ", she confessed, visiting a LGBT homeless facility in New York City.

Since then, the blonde formerly obsessed with exuberant costumes has become simple. 
Walking in the mountains, at the farm surrounded by animals, with her friends of Victoria's Secret behind the scenes of the parade or in her bed playing guitar in front of a meal tray ... The artist has changed to live. A necessary change to her moral balance: "I have a mental illness and I fight against this disease every day," she added.

"The kindness of the doctors, but also of my family and friends, really saved my life." This gratitude, the singer lent her to the scores of His new album especially in the hollow of the title "Million Reasons". 

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