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четверг, 8 декабря 2016 г.

Instagram Story: Emily Ratajkowski, feminine and feminist (42 pic)

On Instagram, Emily Ratajkowski post pictures of neckline plunging in swimsuit or completely naked. A way of asserting her femininity but also her feminism: she offers her body as she wants. 

"My body, my choice" is the mantra of Emily Ratajkowski , as she wrote on Instagram. And her body, the woman chose to unveil. The nudity is his trademark: it rose to prominence in 2013 by participating in the video "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams, dancing completely naked next to singers; Today, she shows its forms on social networks.Selfies plunging neckline, photos of her ass on the beach naked pictures have become his specialty. 

But if Emily Ratajkowski does not hesitate to show her body, not a figurehead, however. No, her naked selfies are a mark of its commitment to feminism. "We are more than body but it does not mean that we must be ashamed of our sexuality", said the model, there are a few months,taking the defense of Kim Kardashian, attacked for posing without clothesA few weeks later, the young woman of 25 had published a letter on the site Lenny Letter of Lena Dunham, writing: "The feedback from people about my sexuality is not my problem, but theirs."

Only the young woman is attacked regularly on social networks because of his exhibitionism. For example when she chose to support the Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, during the US primaries: Emily Ratajkowski was victim of sexism. "The reviews said I had an excess of beauty, but nothing in the brain," she says in the American version of the magazine "Glamour". "And I also read the sentence:" Shut up and show us your tits ". 
Our company does not admit that a woman can be sexy, confident and have political convictions. (...) While men do what they want without anyone laying their question. "All the more reason to make his body a banner of feminism. 

Of Polish, German, Irish and born in London, Emily Ratajkowski continues to display its alluring curves without complex causing clouds of fantasies behind. 

Genuine popular fantasy, Emily Ratajkowski is endowed with a surprisingly plastic. The slender legs, a narrow waist and perfectly curved shapes. This new generation bimbo look immediately made her a new beauty icon. Emily Ratajkowski plays his doe eyes  and her vine silhouette to build a career, an image. In an almost virginal air, this beautiful brunette plays a physical which she quickly noticed that the lead further. 
As she attempts to become an actress in Los Angeles, she strips off over the shootings and noticed the attention that brands and photographers to his body. She decided to make a force, a singularity to take control of his life.Linking opportunities to undress, beautiful became known to the general public by participating in the clip of Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines."

Frankly, it scans the target and offers a number of cliches stripped to his fans on his Instagram account in particular. Model, she undresses with some pleasure. As the standard of a newfound freedom against the ambient conservatism. Far from wishing to enter the place, she does her carnal doll image a difference. 
A choice often booed, sometimes encouraged. So adulated that criticized the beautiful smiles mischievously and does not hesitate to respond with some straight talk.His image, Emily Ratajkowski is amused. A lot. She loves to provoke sexualiser everything. With much self-mockery, it transforms a cocktail in a phallic reference. As if her sensuality was unavoidable, totally irresistible.  

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