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четверг, 8 декабря 2016 г.


It’s been a while since ex-Spice Girls Mel C and Mel B touched base.
Mel C’s been carving out a solo career for herself in the UK and Europe, while Mel B has been in the US having a roller-coaster affair with Eddie Murphy.
But now that the Beckhams are moving to Los Angeles, Mel C is planning a Spice Girls reunion – in Hollywood.
“I haven’t seen Melanie for a couple of years and I’d love to go and see her,” the singer tells Sunday. “Having her and Victoria both there will be brilliant. I can go over and have a good look around her and David’s new pad.”
With her fourth album released this month, Mel has had the most solo success of the group – but she’s lagging behind in the baby stakes. Posh has three sons, Geri has a daughter and both Mel B and Emma Bunton are pregnant. And it’s turned Mel into Broody Spice.
“I definitely want to be a mum. We’ll have to see what the next few years bring,” she laughs.
“I saw Emma and Geri a couple of weeks ago and it’s such an exciting time for them. The priority for them all is family. It feels very different when we get together because they’re all mums or becoming mums and that changes people. They seem so at peace.”
Mel has now found peace in her own personal life. She has been dating quantity surveyor Thomas Starr for five years and the couple live together in North London.
She’s also fitter and healthier than ever after recovering from the depression that haunted her when she was a Spice Girl.
She says: “The gym has been a good outlet for my stress. I have had problems in the past. I didn’t eat properly and was underweight in the Spice Girls. Then, when I left, I gained a lot of weight when I went through depression but now I have a healthy attitude to food and exercise.
“I will never do a faddy diet or starve myself again. It makes you feel terrible and you end up putting on more weight afterwards. I’ve felt the repercussions of not looking after myself and I don’t intend going through that again.”
It’s not surprising that Mel gets angry when quizzed about the size 0 debate.
“When I was in the Spice Girls, I was a size 6 and I was really ill. My periods stopped, my bone density was low and I was unhappy and isolated,” she says. “It’s not acceptable that women should feel pressured to be so skinny.”
But Mel stops short of criticising Posh. “It’s not fair for me to comment, she’s my friend,” is all she will say.
* Mel C’s new album, This Time, is out now.

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