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четверг, 8 декабря 2016 г.

Jean-Paul Belmondo, his big fight with Ursula Andress

Guest of Europe1, after the release of her book "Miles lives are better than one," Jean-Paul Belmondo is back on his long professional and personal journey. He has told one of its disputes with Ursula Andress, with whom he shared his life for seven years. 

Waterfalls, Jean-Paul Belmondo has made. But one evening in the 60s, the actor who incarnated in casual daredevil of roles will make an unexpected waterfall. At the time, he is in a relationship with Ursula Andress. Far from being reduced to his physical, the legendary Bond girl is sacred. Unhappy that Bebel had drunk, she locks the door of their home.
Le Magnifique then find a way to return home: "I came back, it was very late. I decided to take the ladder to climb through the window. I was hit when the window opened. Ursula was screaming "Are not you ashamed?".She then swung wide and with me. I was going to break the windows to go but she threw me a ball of lead. I said "we stop, '" he says still amused at micro Europe1 . He quickly reassured: "We were reconciled after." Jean-Paul Belmondo and Ursula Andress have formed an iconic couple for seven years. A passionate relationship with the actor remembers fondly. 

I'm not afraid of the end
Jean-Paul Belmondo keep only the positive experiences of its many.According to him, his eternal smile is due to a mental iron. A mind that has forged her education: "I think I was born with a moral. My mother and father always told me, "if you're in trouble, you will conquer them," and I always defeated, "he told the radio . 
After his stroke in 2001, he said that all that helped hold is hoping to play again one day: "It was a blow because I hardly spoke and I had in my head" I must speak to play. ' "Today again able to speak, the man does not feel so far able to return on a film set: "I feel like sometimes and sometimes not. I will make good actor but I think about how we would do. It would take an accident, a sick role. 
So I'd rather stay home. " After more than 50 years of career, Jean-Paul Belmondo was pleased and serene: "I am not afraid of the end, I had a wonderful life, wonderful. I committed some sins a bit much. But I'd like to tell me that I was a good actor, I made friends laugh, people also is very good. " 

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