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вторник, 27 декабря 2016 г.

Jose Mourinho favourite scorer plays away from wife

FOOTBALL superstar Deco has been caught on camera cheating on his wife with a London hooker.

The Barcelona midfield wizard —favourite player of top manager Jose Mourinho—had sex with the £1,000-a-night vice girl on a trip to Britain three weeks ago.

Twenty minutes later he had a THREESOME with the girl. And 29-year-old Deco's night of debauchery in a London club was all captured on CCTV—along with a vile "roasting" orgy involving four pals and another prostitute.

A guest who witnessed the scenes told us: "I was disgusted. They were acting like animals."

Dad-of-three Deco's doting wife Jaciara will be devastated by his betrayal. After their wedding in April, 2005, Portugal's World Cup hero bragged: "I feel totally fulfilled...I couldn't ask for any more."

His disgrace is worse because he had the nerve to CRITICISE the behaviour of English players after the News of the World revelations about boozy Liverpool star Craig Bellamy attacking John Arne Riise with a golf club.


This exposé is the second pasting for Deco—real name Anderson Luis de Souza—this week. The first was when he put Barcelona ahead against Liverpool at the Nou Camp but both Bellamy AND Riise wreaked revenge by scoring and taking a 2-1 victory.

Deco's vile night on the town came on February 6 after a friendly match at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium between his Portugal side and arch-rivals Brazil.

After winning 2-0 Deco and friends celebrated with champagne at ritzy Beauchamp Place in Kensington. But in the early hours he wanted to party on and a pal phoned around to find a discreet nightspot—and girls to entertain them.

Deco and seven mates took two cabs to the club and started drinking beer right away. Ten minutes later four prostitutes—one Chinese, a brunette and two blondes— turned up. To Deco's delight they began to strip in front of him.

The vice girls quickly got down to their G-strings, gyrating in front of Deco and touching each other to get him aroused. Another guest told us: "Deco and his pals were like giggly schoolboys. It all started as a bit of fun but soon got horribly out of hand.

"Deco chose the best-looking, a stunning young East European blonde with a fantastic body. Deco took off his trousers and went into a room with her still wearing his hat and T-shirt.

"Then he sat on the couch as the naked blonde got on her knees to perform oral sex. Two of his friends walked in but he calmly carried on as if they weren't there. Then the girl got on top of Deco and they had full sex, before switching position and doing it again.

"His friends were going wild with the other hookers in the next room. First it was one on one. Then there was two on one girl. And then it got really vile with four men on one girl.

"I couldn't believe my eyes. It was sickening and degrading. They treated the girls like hunks of meat."

After Brazilian-born Deco finished with his girl the camera caught him walking off with a leer on his face. But 20 minutes on he was having sex with her on the couch again. This time a guy in a suit joins in, kissing the girl passionately. Our source added: "Deco is a married man, a father of three and an international idol. But he didn't show a hint of guilt. He should be shamed and deserves to be exposed."

Now the millionaire star faces global humiliation as the damning footage could be posted on the internet.

The scandal comes just seven days after our exposé of the drunken karaoke dust-up among Liverpool stars.

Before facing Liverpool in Barcelona, Deco grabbed the moral high ground and snootily declared: "The cultures are different between Spain and England. There are footballers who drink here but not to the extent of what the Liverpool players did."

Our inside source said: "Deco was confident his wife would never find out about the hooker. Now it's all come back to haunt him. That one night of lust could end his marriage and cost him millions.

"It'll teach him not to make sniffy comments about our different cultures! He's just a two-faced hypocrite!"

Deco achieved worldwide stardom as the driving force behind Jose Mourinho's Champions League win with FC Porto in 2004. But he refused to follow the coach to Chelsea for £4.5 million a season. Instead he chose Barcelona for £2 million and said: "I am tired of listening that the man who made me famous is Mourinho.

"The only person responsible for my success is me."

And now there's only one person responsible for his downfall.

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