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четверг, 8 декабря 2016 г.

Karine Le Marchand on the podium of the best political interviewers

According to a survey conducted for "TV Magazine" Karine Le Marchand is one of the 3 favorite French political interviewer, behind Jean-Jacques Bourdin (2nd) and Laurent Delahousse (1). 

His show "Intimate Ambition"   earned him a critical flow. But Karine Le Marchand-apparently seduced the audience.

At five months of the presidential election, and while political programs abound, " TV Magazine " French asked to nominate the best or (e) interviewer (if) policy on TV. Karine Le Marchand, which begins in the field, is installed directly in third place with 16% of votes.

It's Laurent Delahousse taking the lead in this survey by Opinion Way. The presenter of JT weekend collected 19% of votes - 22% of men and 17% women - against 17% for Jean-Jacques Bourdin, that is on the second place.

Pujadas 4th, Salame and Birch, 5th

For Laurent Delahousse, this result is the fruit of a long work. "The instant I interview practice JT is very special because often calibrated to seven or eight minutes. This is an exercise in style that demands balance, "he says with" TV Magazine ". Besides achieving "great documentaries on the political tenors," he "also had the chance, with" 1:15 p.m. on Sunday, "to lead political debates." According to him, "this additional experience (it) allows to approach politicians differently. This is probably what led to the recognition of the French. "

The other presenter of JT France 2, David Pujadas, is in fourth position with 15% of the vote and his partner "political Emission", also on France 2,Leah Salame , is fifth tied with Gilles Bouleau TF1 with 13% of respondents each.

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