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суббота, 10 декабря 2016 г.



IT'S ENOUGH to make a ewe turn— farming soap Emmerdale is to screen new sensational lesbian sex sessions.
Cute Katie Sugden, played by 21-year-old Sammy Winward, right, gets in a clinch with another girl as her marriage hits the rocks.
An Emmerdale source confirmed: "This is very hush-hush but so hot that the news was bound to leak out.
"It's not been decided who Sammy's new girlfriend will be. But we're hoping she'll snog Roxanne Pallett, who plays village temptress Jo Stiles."
But while she's having fun, there's heartbreak for Perdy Sinclair (Georgia Slowe) when she's rushed to hospital after a fall in the April 5 episode.
Doctors discover she's developed a dangerous ectopic pregnancy and tell her she will lose the unborn child and must undergo a hysterectomy too.
TONIGHT is the eve of Tracy's trial on Coronation Street. Meanwhile things turn ugly on Emmerdale when Scarlett confronts Jimmy about Tom's murder.
MONDAY is a big night for Corrie as Tracy finally stands trial while the King brothers worry about their own court visit on Emmerdale. Over in Albert Square Ben is being bullied.
It is a difficult TUESDAY for Billy on EastEnders as he suffers another financial blow, while Daz suffers emotionally on Emmerdale.
Corrie returns to court on WEDNESDAY with Tracy defending herself in the witness box and Deirdre close to breakdown. Emmerdale's Donna is also at breaking point.
Stacey is under immense pressure when EastEnders returns on THURSDAY and Viv decides to christen the twins on Emmerdale.
Rob's true feelings for Dawn come out on EastEnders this FRIDAY. Marlon goes ahead with the Emmerdale robbery and Deirdre takes the stand in the Corrie trial.

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