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вторник, 20 декабря 2016 г.

Kerry Katona WEDDING: 'A match made in hell' says ex

AS Kerry Katona prepares for her Valentine's Day wedding to coke-dealing cabbie Mark Croft, his ex has warned her: "He'll never be faithful and he'll bleed you dry."
Julie Shuker, who dated Croft for almost four years, has revealed how he BULLIED her into taking drugs, CHEATED with a string of other women and NAGGED her to give in to his bizarre sexual demands.
And when it was over he lumbered her with thousands of pounds of debt.
"Mark is very greedy and money orientated. I hate to say it but I think one of the main reasons he's with her is because she's a millionaire," said Julie.
She fears Kerry, 26, who has two daughters by Westlife star Brian McFadden and is expecting Croft's baby in April, will live to regret it if she goes ahead with the wedding at Gretna Green.
Julie, 38, met Croft—exposed by us last year as a dealer who supplied Kerry and her mum Sue with cocaine—just after he'd been jailed for taking drugs in the Navy. And she reveals he bullied her into using them too.
"I have only ever taken drugs twice in my life and that was with Mark. I didn't want to but felt pressured into doing it," she said.
The first time, Julie ended up collapsed in a nightclub toilet after taking an ecstasy pill. She recalled: "We were out and Mark gave me a tablet and told me it was ecstasy. He said, ‘Go on, have one. It'll make you feel good'. I said, ‘I don't want to, I don't want to die'. He told me I would be fine and I felt pressured to take it. Stupidly I did."
Twenty minutes later she felt strange. Julie added: "I remember going to the toilet. Then the next thing I remember is a girl picking me up off the floor.

"She took me to Mark and he just draped me over his shoulder and dragged me around all night."
Croft, 35, also persuaded a besotted Julie, who said he seemed the ‘perfect man' when they first met, to agree to sleazy sex romps. Julie, from Warrington, Cheshire, said: "We had a balcony with a banister on it. He tied me to it with a pair of tights and blindfolded me and we had sex. I felt degraded and was glad when it was over, but Mark got a kick out of it."
On another occasion he begged her to plaster HIM with make-up. "It was weird because it wasn't like he was drunk. I put full make-up on him, right down to bright red lipstick.
"He looked in the mirror and it was clear he was turned on by it." The pair then had "pretty explosive" sex. "I knew it was because he was getting a kick out of looking like a woman. It was very bizarre," said Julie.
In a warning to Kerry, Julie revealed that the danger of getting caught in the act was also a thrill for Croft. He would drive her to a local beauty spot to have sex in the car—or sometimes stay much closer to home.
"Once he told me to walk out of the house in just my coat, so I was naked underneath. We'd only walked to the end of the path when he started kissing and groping me.
"We had sex there and then outside while people were wandering around the estate. Getting caught was a big thrill for him," she said.
Julie and Croft split up in 1997 after she suspected he had cheated on her and his drug taking spiralled out of control.
"I went home and packed his stuff and he left. I was heartbroken but after we broke up I heard lots of stories about him cheating on me with a total of four different women and knew I'd done the right thing," she said.
Croft had also left Julie £5,000 of debt. "Because Mark had been in the Navy for years he had no credit rating so when he took out a loan to go on holiday, and another to buy a car, I was put down as guarantor.

"When he left I got letters from the loan company, demanding the money back."
Two years later Mark started calling Julie again, begging her to give him another chance.
She started seeing him again and it was during this time he persuaded her to take cocaine, promising "it will relax you".
Julie recalled: "I snorted one line to stop him going on. But I didn't feel anything. I don't know if I did it properly."
In 2000 she dumped him for good. "I knew we'd never be happy," she said. And she fears he is already making Kerry's life hell.
"I met Kerry a few months before she met Mark and she was a lovely, bubbly girl.
"Now I look at her and she looks so sad. Her eyes look dead. It's heartbreaking to see her because I know the misery that lies ahead. It's clear he's already making her unhappy."

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