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пятница, 16 декабря 2016 г.

Kourtney Kardashian, Kim anti

Kourtney Kardashian is definitely the most sober of the Kardashian sisters.

The whole world knows Kim Kardashian. For his escapades, her rounded, diamonds or even her husband, Kanye West. The business woman built around her family - with the help of Kris Jenner fairy godmother - an empire which she is the queen, whose sisters are the aspirants. Among them, Kourtney Kardashian , a different strand of her siblings, definitely more sober than his illustrious younger.

Result, at 37, Kourtney is the least followed on social networks. For example Instagram, the young woman has 49.9 million followers face of 60 million to 88.7 million Khloé and Kim. It is also one who earns the least money. According to "Forbes" magazine, Kourtney won in 2016 to $ 10 million - far from the 51 million of her younger sister.

A discreet privacy

But that's not all. Kourtney is also discreet in his private life. Since 2006, she saw a beautiful love story with Scott Disick. Despite ups and downs, the two lovebirds are still together and above all refuse to expose too; conversely Kim and Kanye. With Scott, Kourtney had three children: Mason (7 years), Penelope (4 years) and Reign (2 years).

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One last - but not least - who that Kourtney is different from her sisters she has the least big bum! Among Kardashian, this can cause problems. If Kim and Khloé are famous among other things for their inordinate behind, Kourtney she made in sobriety and measurements of entirely conventional.

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