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понедельник, 26 декабря 2016 г.

Louise Crolla posing topless on the internet.

PARENTS are furious a PE mistress is being allowed to carry on teaching their kids despite posing topless on the internet.

Former England netball player Louise Crolla, 26, exposes her enhanced 32DD boobs and offers to do ‘fetish' work on the modelling agency website.
But her headmaster will not sack her from her £30,000 supply job.
Desmond Herlihy says he feels she is fit to teach at Royton and Crompton High School, Oldham, Lancs.
He told the News of the World: "Miss Crolla is a capable and fully qualified teacher. She has passed all the relevant checks, teachers have to go through.
"On that basis at this time, she can continue to work here."
Louise told Mr Herlihy she would be in the News of the World this week, but kept her internet pictures a secret from him.
She said: "I can understand why some people would go ballistic at the idea of a teacher stripping off, but my view is I'm not harming anybody by doing it."
But one mum, who has a 14-year-old son at the school, said: "This is an unbelievable decision by the headmaster.

"I can't believe a modelling career is compatible with teaching. The fact the head is prepared to stand by her beggars belief."
Louise was teaching at Matthew Ross High School, Rochdale, when she posed for the website.
She admitted: "I only thought about what the students and the school would think afterwards.
"I thought, ‘Oh dear, what am I doing?' But then I thought, ‘No, I want to give modelling a go.'" 

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