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четверг, 1 декабря 2016 г.

Rémi Gaillard is displayed in the subway against fur

Rémi Gaillard, the YouTuber Georgia Horackova and actor Gregory Guillotin participate in an anti-fur poster campaign visible this morning and until November 23 in the Paris metro. 

Rémi Gaillard has more than one trick up his sleeve to make us aware of the animal cause. After collecting 200,000 euros for the SPA Montpellierand appealed to adoptions by enduring a dog's life in a cage for four days, here on the banks of the Paris metro. At the top of the poster, which he shares with the influential YouTuber Georgia Horackova and actor Gregory Guillotin. At the call of Animalter association, they realized a poster campaign (visible until November 23) entitled "Vire your hood," and a video * to denounce the hidden face of the fur to encourage consumers not to buy.

Why "Vire Your Hood"? "Animal fur is mainly present on the edges of the hoods at very affordable prices often (sometimes less than 50 €) not aroused suspicions among future buyers, recall the Animalter association. In the unconscious, fur is always associated with expensive material, much misrepresented reality since its resurgence on hoods precisely which reduced costs. The information on the labels is often absent or fraudulent. Each year, tens of thousands of people and buying real fur unintentionally. Our goal is to prevent these unintended purchases and recall the horror behind a hood in real fur. " 
Brought up in concentration camps or hounded conditions, more than 150 million animals are tortured every year in the world to satisfy the whims of fashion. A heresy at the time of faux fur, cleaner, mimics the real perfection. Couturiers and designers (Stella McCartney, Franck Sorbier, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren ...) are now many refuse to torture. In their line, the list of brands of ready-to-wear continues to grow.

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