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пятница, 16 декабря 2016 г.

Saint Sebastian attributed to Leonardo da Vinci.

The expert in ancient drawings of Bayser Patrick, who works especially for the house Tajan, spotted a Leonardo da Vinci study erroneously attributed to Michelangelo. He told this amazing discovery.

This is not the Da Vinci Code but almost. The expert in ancient drawings Patrick Bayser made the discovery hoped for a career: "It is the dream of a lifetime. For thirty years I worked on old drawings. This is a huge shock, adrenaline, something that we never thought possible. " It starts with a sale organized by  the house Tajan house he works for fifteen years . "We are trying to close the sale when a batch arrives late, we he says. In the batch of fifteen drawings, there is a bit of everything, prints, drawings, one of which is annotated Michelangelo. A strong design, very powerful. "

Immediately, Patrick Bayser has a hunch: "I knew the work of Leonardo da Vinci, I found in studying his style of Florentine period. The drawing was made by a left. The hatching of the shadows go from right to left and the general direction of drawing the bottom right to top left. "The paper is fragile, but the expert noted" a bend on the left side. " He decided to gently turn the paper. "And then I come across two schematic drawings and writings mainly on two mirror - writing that is read using a mirror. On one side we had the drawing of the artist, the other sketches of the scientist. "

The price of the work is estimated at $ 15 million

The allocation of the study showing the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian was confirmed by a specialist in the works of Da Vinci, Carmen C. Bambach, Curator, Department of Prints and Drawings in the Metropolitan Museum of New York. It dates from the period 1478-1483, as another study in pen of Saint Sebastian, attributed to Leonardo da Vinci and stored at the Hamburg Kunsthalle.

The French owner wishes to remain anonymous but still wants to sell the drawing. The house Tajan will therefore organize it, end of June. The estimated price of the work is 15 million. "It was 15 years ago, a study Leonardo da Vinci is part of the United States for ten million dollars," says the expert, who, of course, will not receive a percentage of that sale, but just fee ...

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