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четверг, 29 декабря 2016 г.

Sexy Miss Malika Ménard, Mediterranean

Crowned Miss France 2010 Malika Menard scored the memories of his tanned figure. 

A Norman with Mediterranean traits ... Malika Menard, Miss France 2010 crowne , made way. She who was a young woman of 22 years is a little shy today affirmed a soul. After her reign, she did not choose the easy and restarts in the studies. Two years later and internships in shambles, she became a journalist. If it does not limit itself to the election, she admitted in 2015. "I take me long to become an adult when I was  elected Miss France helped me to take flight. This is a year that really changed my life, there really is a before and after Miss France ". 

Interviewed by the Union at the time, this brunette with incendiary line tells this new life "intense". A new chapter was opened in the early weeks on a shoot for Jean-Paul Gaultier and participation in the NRJ Music Awards. "Since my election is a juxtaposition of unforgettable moments" concluded the young woman, visibly awed by his new status. Now Malika Menard shows off her curves on her Instagram account. Fashionista, she displayed her best looks. Her beauty did not move an eyelash. Instead, it radiates more than ever. 

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