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воскресенье, 11 декабря 2016 г.

Ulrika Jonsson: My new skater's bot sends my man wild!

COOL Swedish beauty Ulrika Jonsson is giving her new boyfriend the hots—thanks to some raunchy routines on the ice rink. 

Lover Brian Monet has been driven wild by her new shapely bum and thighs which are firmed and fabulous after two punishing months training for new reality TV series Dancing On Ice.
Our columnist let slip: "My children see my body, scream and run for cover, but it doesn't do the same to Brian. He's seems very pleased by it, which is a good thing!
"I'm loving my new bum. I used to be pear-shaped, but now my bum has got much firmer and my legs are more toned too.

"I was already fit, going running three or four times a week, but this is a whole new level of fitness and I love the results." 

And so will telly viewers when they see the the bottom-skimming outfits she'll wear on the show.
She said: "My costumes are very glamorous but none of them are very forgiving. I have had fittings for two outfits so far and they seem to be very short."
Sadly Ulrika, 39, says she's had to put the skids under Brian's enthusiasm for her "Beyoncé bum" because her perfectly toned body is so battered.
She explained: "We don't see each other very often but any time he comes near me I'm screaming, ‘Don't touch me! My ribs are cracked and my legs are covered in bruises from the training'."
Ulrika started dating the advertising boss last year and has fallen head over heels for him.
The only downside is that Brian, an American, lives in her native Sweden so they only manage to get together twice a month. She said: "Things are great, though, and he has been very supportive of me, especially with Dancing On Ice, as it has almost taken over my life."
And Brian has no worries about Ulrika falling for dance partner Pavel Aubrecht...other than in the rib-cracking sense, of course.

Ulrika said: "I can totally understand why people get together with their partners on these sort of shows. It's a bit like a stormy marriage—you spend every s*dding day with them.
"Pavel also spends a lot of time grabbing me and throwing me around, and I've landed on him a few times, so the physical barriers come down very quickly.
"But there is absolutely no temptation because he's a lovely man with a lovely wife and a beautiful two-year-old, so we have a strictly professional thing."
He has been putting Ulrika through her paces with former Olympic gold medallists Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.
"Meeting Jayne and Chris was a dream come true," she said. "I used to cry when I watched them skating for Great Britain.

"Chris has a great sense of humour—which he needs when he's watching me skate!"
Ulrika also revealed she is worried she'll be plagued by stage fright when she performs her first dance in the new series next week.
She said: "My legs will be shaking from side to side. That's bad enough on solid ground but my feet are strapped to razor blades and I know I'll end up all over the ice like Bambi."
The sliding Swede is up against a host of other celebs including former footie star Lee Sharpe, DJ Neil Fox, former Blue singer Duncan James, Emmerdale's Emily Symons, Sky News host Kay Burley and Boyzone's Stephen Gately.
But she is focused on one main goal.
"All I want to do is finish the show with both legs unbroken," she admitted.
  • THE new series of Dancing On Ice starts on ITV1 at 6.40pm next Saturday. 
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