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четверг, 8 декабря 2016 г.

Will Smith $ 10 application to a fan in exchange for a selfie

While some consider the celebrity as a burden, for Will Smith, it is rather an advantage: he has served in to borrow $ 10 to a fan, in exchange for a selfie. 

"I met a lot of people for that celebrity can be a burden," says Will Smith"Jimmy Kimmel Live" on the board, Monday, December 5. "But I love it!" Is he exclaims. And his fame, he uses it. The proof is there three weeks, the actor - whose fortune is estimated at $ 250 million - was not embarrassed to borrow money to a fan. "I was driving, and I realized that I no longer had enough fuel while I was still 30 minutes from my home. So I stopped at the gas station but I did not have my wallet, "says Will Smith. 

$ 10 for a selfie

"I said," Oh no, what a tragedy. " I would not even call when Jada [Pinkett, his wife] "Then Will Smith had an idea." I looked around me, and I saw a guy, and I said, "This type is a fan of the Prince of Bel Air ". One can spot them! One can spot them! "He joked. So he rolled down his window to get noticed by the fan. Bingo, the man approaches recognizing Will Smith, ask a selfie. The answer of Will Smith, "Sure dude, but I need $ 10!"

The fan did not hesitate a second to give him a ticket of 10, and when Will Smith was offered to reimburse him later, the man immediately refused.The joys of celebrity! 

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