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вторник, 3 января 2017 г.

Be-fabulous forecast -2017 What’s in store for your career, cash flow and your fun factor this year?


Aries March 21-April 2
Lady Gaga

Discover hidden depths, make a nifty buck and explore your spirituality.
Work Jupiter goes deep into your chart to reveal hidden potential. This is the year to begin a new chapter in your career. New job doors open in the summer when you do something techie and accept a chance to study or work abroad. It's time to put yourself first and not let anyone stop you pursuing your ambitions.
TURN YOUR CAREER AROUND! Take advantage of change on June 26.
Money Improve your entrepreneurial skills and be inventive in the way you earn money. In April and May, new money can be made from old when you find out a piece of jewellery is worth more than you thought. Clear out the attic, shed or garage and earn extra cash at a car-boot sale. September and October prove most lucrative when Venus and Mars team up and you receive a gift from a relative you may never have met.
Fun You're determined to have fun this year, like whacky singer and fellow Arian Lady Gaga, and your feel-good attitude rubs off on others. Neptune encourages you to get together with a creative crowd or join a study group and explore your spirituality, and the more open you are to whatever life has to offer, the richer your life experience.
IT'S PARTY TIME! Let your hair down and celebrate on March 21.

Taurus April 21-May 21
Tess Daly

A special interest turns into a job, the cash rolls in and you'll become highly popular.
Work Venus sweetens your career chart, so you could start the year as the boss' favourite. Fancy a new challenge? The stage is set for an opportunity that's rewarding and well-paid. Taurean Tess Daly could expand her skincare range for Marks & Spencer and more presenting jobs may be on the horizon. A hobby could lead to a new career - if this is what you want, you'll find a way this year.
Money Your earning power is on an upwards spiral. Seek sponsorship money sooner rather than later. The more cash rolls in, the more spending habits change for the better.
TURN A BIG CORNER! May 14 opens a lucrative new cycle and you'll finally kiss goodbye to debt.
Fun Jupiter gives your social life a makeover, starting with a friend who needs your support for a big event in February.
BE SPONTANEOUS! May 17 and November 21 are fun hot spots, and throwing a summer party sends your popularity sky high.

Gemini May 22-June 21
Gemini Kym Marsh

There's a promotion, a creative boom and a wild child waiting to come out!
Work Lucky Jupiter blesses your career chart this year and you're in line for a promotion or new job. Being the boss suits you! Anything with foreign connections is starred for success, such as a travel agency for homes in the sun.
GET NETWORKING! Choose June 10 to give presentations to those who can give you business. Someone you meet when travelling for work brings luck and an entrepreneur at a social event wants to back your plans.
Money The eclipse in July indicates the way you make your money is changing. Your strongest asset is your busy brain and an original idea could make you rich. When you see your name in print, you'll know you're doing something right. If you've ever wanted to write a short story for a magazine or a script for a sitcom, you can churn out hundreds of words in your spare time. A neighbour or male relative knows an agent or editor who can help.
Fun Sensible Saturn patrols your fun chart until the beginning of April, so it's a low-key start to the year. And you and fellow Gemini Kym Marsh may find you have less spare time than usual as a result of both work and family responsibilities, especially where young children are concerned.
SPRING FEVER! April 25 is when you spring back to life and start to make up for lost time. It starts with an invitation from a girlfriend. From the beginning of June, Uranus brings out your wild side

Cancer June 22-July 22
Anna Friel

Reach out to the world, refresh your finances and prioritise the good times.
Work This is the year to focus on your work or vocation because finding your place in the world gives you a new sense of identity. Your natural caring instinct helps you realise how fulfilling it is to make your workplace or where you live better for everyone. If you're working from home though, beware staying alone too much to avoid feeling claustrophobic. A career in politics changes your life for the better in the summer.
Money Cash is an emotional issue for ¿you. Now you can fight for your rights and ensure that you're paid what you're due. With Mars in your money zone until June, you won't let anyone cheat you out of your hard-earned cash. Your positive attitude brings an added bonus - a chance to boost your income as well, like actress Anna Friel, who will command movie-star salaries this year when she appears in several high-profile films. September and October are lucky months for competitions and winning prizes.
GET LUCKY! Take a chance and turn your fortune around on November 7 and 18.
Fun The more you prioritise fun and laughter, the happier you are. A love of people and different cultures exposes you to new experiences, so keep an open mind and broaden your outlook on life. Jupiter's stay in your travel chart means an unexpected trip or surprise holiday comes your way in the spring or autumn. Don't stay at home this year - it's time to spread your wings.
BAGS AT THE READY! Take a chance and visit a country you've never been to before on September 19.

LEO July 23-August 23
Anna Paquin

You're business savvy, cash confident and reaching for the stars!
Work Most Leos are brilliant at self-promotion, but Mars tells you not to race into action until March. After that, all your business moves will pack a powerful punch.
GRAB YOUR CHANCE! Around May 7, you can be top cat by taking up a promotion or a position of extra responsibility, and the success you gain in a managerial role will allow you scope for bold self-expression. The same applies to going freelance, so if you've ever wanted to be your own boss, now's your chance. You also find your niche in any business that's connected to the stage, entertainment or books for children.
Money You love to flash the cash, especially when being generous to others, and this year you can rake in the cash just like Anna Paquin, who has a new series of True Blood and a raft of new films out in 2010. Relying less on others and more on your own capabilities is the way to create a lavish lifestyle. Every success boosts your confidence, and you make sure you're being paid your true worth.
STRIKE GOLD! July 26 is going to be your hot date with lady luck. A gamble pays off.
Fun This is a busy year for you, so guard against all work and no play. Make sure you stay in touch with friends and family, and don't let the weeks slip past. It's annoying when others leave all the planning up to you, but you're a natural born organiser, as Mercury proves in July. When you're the brains behind holiday ideas and choices, everything falls into place and a sun-seeking trip is one of your summer highlights. There's also a performer inside you trying to get out - make this the year you claim your 15 minutes of fame

Virgo August 24-September 22
Blake Lively

Sort out your game plan, get set to be headhunted and make new friends.
Work Like Virgo actress Blake Lively, your career looks set to go from strength to strength as new opportunities present themselves. You're determined to get to the very top and from February you have your game plan all worked out. A new face on the scene or a business partner will show you how you can reach your goals. Putting your mental agility to good use, such as clever marketing and PR, also opens doors.
NO TURNING BACK! From September 8, your name will be on everyone's lips. When influential business contacts wine and dine you, you realise you're being headhunted. Take your pick!
Money You're such a hard worker that you're rarely broke, but this year, with Saturn in and out of your money chart, it pays to do careful accounting. You also have extra money responsibilities, such as being the main breadwinner for a while. The good news is that when you have to tighten your belt, you're brilliant at making your cash go a long way.
GRAND DESIGNS! Spend a fiver updating a frock and it'll look like a designer one-off.
Fun You meet your ideal playmate this year, whether it's a partner, a good friend or colleague. Finding a shared outside interest means you spend quality time with someone, especially if it's something sporty. Attached or single, there's a huge social circle around you and being a hermit isn't an option. You'll be introduced to a pub or bar that will become a favourite. Someone you thought you'd never see again will be in touch in September.

Libra September 23-October 23
Alesha Dixon

Get set to be noticed at work, hone your talents and travel to pastures new.
Work Saturn urges you to up your game and take on a new position of responsibility or go for that promotion. Use your experience and authority and become a source of knowledge in your chosen field - like Strictly Come Dancing judge Alesha Dixon, who looks set to return to the series this year. You excel at a job that involves the legal world, counselling or coaching, customer service or hospitality. Between mid-May and mid-June, an influential person notices you and makes you an offer you can't refuse.
POWER POINT! The eclipse on July 11 propels you into a new professional stratosphere.
Money Working for yourself pays off and you start to create the income you desire. The fact that you're using a talent or skill to make your living increases your happiness. You work best as part of a team or double act, and a Taurean acquaintance with financial savvy will help you double your profit in the spring. Come the autumn, you discover a hidden talent for buying and selling antiques or arty objects.
SECRET PAYDAY AHEAD! Money comes from a mysterious source on December 8.
Fun A dynamic group of friends brings you fun and laughter as well as a more positive outlook on the world. You attend a talk or seminar with one of your new friends and discover the power of personal development training. Travel is also going to feature heavily in 2010 when you spend a lot of the year flitting around the UK and taking new opportunities to study and learn. You also spend more time with children - either your own or a group of kids you've chosen to help.

Scorpio October 24-November 22
Katy Perry

The most psychic of all the signs has got the X factor at work, a new creative streak and a taste for the exotic.
Work You're raring to go on new ventures, but you would be wise to pace yourself and wait until March 10 when Mars moves forward before beginning your career offensive. This might be a good time for Scorpian Katy Perry to pen her next hit album. Until March, work out your strategy for success but keep your best ideas to yourself. Mars boosts your competitive edge and your desire to win until June and again from September to December, so give work and career goals your best shot. You excel as a writer or investigator, or any job where you can find out facts.
Money This is your luckiest year for some time, and the key to your success is to trust your intuition. You're the most psychic of the star signs, so tap into your sixth sense and look for clues to guide you in the right direction. Knowledge and communication are well-starred for you to make money, so start that novel you've always wanted to write, try blogging or make extra cash as a freelance travel journalist - it's your turn to be a success.
GOLDEN GIRL! Follow the clues and you'll find hidden treasure on February 6.
Fun Travel plans may not progress as expected, but go with a last-minute change of destination and you'll be thrilled. A trip to India or Morocco sounds exotic and transforms your world, while entering competitions will help you bag some fantastic prizes. Kids put a big smile on your face whether you find out you're pregnant or become a godparent.
NEW MOON MAGIC! Your wish will come true on March 15.

Sagittarius November 23-December 21
Kelly Brook

You're on a fast and furious wheel of fortune, but 2010 won't be dull for you!
Work A new cycle kicks in straight away in a year that brings changes and choices. A new position is created for you when someone else moves on, or you get a spectacular, glamorous offer that involves retraining. If you've ever wanted to work from home, Jupiter makes this possible. New projects develop quickly, especially from March when the pace switches to fast and furious. In August or September, there's a second chance to be signed up for a job you once missed out on.
Money The eclipses see you ending the year richer, but it's a roller-coaster ride, so expect an interesting time ahead. A contract may come to an end before you're prepared, but your eleventh-hour luck steps in. A new string to your bow gives you more earning potential, so could fellow Sagittarian Kelly Brook be expanding her New Look swimwear and lingerie range? You believe that money's for spending and you'll love those moments when you don't have to count the cost.
SAFEGUARD YOUR FUTURE! July 11 is the time to stash some money away. An inheritance or lottery win adds to your long-term security - and luxury!
Fun You're never happier than when you're heading to the airport. Money means freedom and from the beginning of March you'll have the means to travel far and wide.
TRIP OF A LIFETIME! October 23 sees you on your way to a country you've always longed to visit. There's lots of fun to be had on your home turf, too. Entertaining at home brings memorable evenings, but in the summer months Jupiter springs some surprises. You're part of a vibrant group that you find through a creative activity.

Capricorn December 22-January 20
Kate Moss

Get set to be the boss, make a property move and lose yourself in music!
Work This is the start of an important three-year period in your life when you finally get the opportunity to make your name in the world. Being a dedicated Capricorn like model and fashion designer Kate Moss, you know that hard work and determination reap rewards, so knuckle down and rise to the challenges life throws at you. Your planet Saturn is on your side which means that working as a team or alongside other people ensures your success. Say "yes" when you're asked to be the boss.
Money As the year begins, you benefit from a course that gives you financial know-how. A flashy Leo becomes your new financial advisor and his advice is spot on. In the summer, a clever property move releases extra cash and by autumn all your hard work begins to pay off.
SHREWD MOVES Make the right choice financially and you can double your profits on October 3.
Fun There are certain times this year when you have to put fun on the back burner to concentrate on work projects. This is no bad thing, because when you get the chance to enjoy yourself, you appreciate it more. A love of the theatre or music grows and tempts you to tread the boards yourself. In August, a holiday with your family doesn't work out when Mercury retreats. However, you get a second chance mid-September.
MAGIC WEEKEND! Take a long weekend off work from April 24.

Aquarius January 21-February 18
Mischa Barton

Keep up with trends, avoid repeating past mistakes and discover a love for learning.
Work You're the inventor of the zodiac and with innovative Uranus on your side, the ideas come fast, especially in the summer. Keep up with future trends and make sure you're in the right place at the right time. You were born to promote yourself on the internet and a job involving computers brings you success. Don't worry if you're uncomfortable with technology as this year you excel working as a TV presenter, social worker or political activist.
FIND YOUR FORTE! November 19 is a key date for career success.
Money Your financial situation is like a fairground; all swings and roundabouts. Your cash flow is erratic at times, especially if you're setting up your own business, but focus on the positives and learn from past mistakes. This year is different as you have lucky Jupiter on your side. The more you expand and take risks, the more successful you become, like entrepreneurial Aquarian actress Mischa Barton, who's been busy designing her new range of bags and accessories. Foreign connections and currencies are lucky and a place in the sun beckons.
LUCKY DIP! You have the winning touch so buy a lottery ticket on February 28.
Fun Saturn is urging you to take life seriously and go back to school. This may not sound like fun but, once you start, you won't be able to stop. Whether you become interested in languages, politics or religion, you jump at the chance of a debate and an opportunity to share your knowledge. For travel and holidays, you're not interested in lounging on the beach - a study or activity trip where you learn the tango in Argentina or renovate a medieval castle in the south of France will bring you joy.

Pisces February 19-March 20

Luck's your lady throughout 2010 as you're surrounded by new opportunities, hit the money jackpot and lap up attention.
Work You're lucky Jupiter's favourite now and new opportunities open up for you. Your fertile imagination is in overdrive, but don't rely on that alone. Present your business visions in a way that makes others see them through your eyes. Backing from the powers that be brings practical help and stunning publicity. If you've ever wanted to run a pub or wine bar, you find the place of your dreams near water - on a seafront or the banks of a big river.
Money With expansive Jupiter on your side, everything is getting bigger and better, including your bank balance. In the first half of the year you definitely see an improvement, but you're also sowing lots of financial seeds for later. Control the urge to splurge until June when creative projects start to pay off big time.
MONEY TALKS! Around June 8 you hit the financial jackpot. A dizzying amount of cash rolls your way, such as a bonus, gift or win. Investing in a brand new area of technology could make a small fortune.
Fun Don't let any past strains drag you down - follow in Rihanna's Piscean footsteps and move on towards a brighter future. This year, you get more out of life than ever. And nobody parties like a Pisces!
BE A STAR TURN! You're so charismatic that you attract pals wherever you go, as events around February 17 will prove. From then onwards you meet new people constantly and foreign friends keep visiting. Trips to distant shores in April and November are the real highlights of your year. And a healing dream makes you feel good about your life.

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