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четверг, 12 января 2017 г.


They're on the front line of fitness and look fab in a two-piece. These stars reveal the secrets to their red-hot bods...


AGE: 29
After overindulging on holiday with boyfriend Danny Cipriani, 21, earlier this year (plus a few bad bikini snaps), model Kelly used a juice and vegetable diet to shed pounds.
"She's not drinking alcohol and has done an organic detox for a week," revealed a source.
Now, after flushing out toxins and her digestive tract, Kelly's flaunting her curves beachside again, even snapping herself on her phone! Pleased with the results, Kel?

AGE: 24
Not content with a luxurious WAG lifestyle, Carly also boasts some of the best abs on the bikini block. But while the petite brunette is a personal trainer by trade (so she's never going to be lardy, is she?), she puts her figure down to getting sweaty in Bikram Yoga sessions.
Bikram - which involves doing 26 intense poses in 41°C heat - increases the heart rate for a more intense workout and can burn up to 600 calories an hour.
Carly says: "Being in a warm environment relaxes your muscles, so you stretch more." And sweating gets rid of nasty toxins in your body, so you get a detox too!

AGE: 27
Looking ultra-toned and slim on the sand, mum-of-two Britney's ditched a stone by cutting up the dance floor on her world tour and cutting back on the sweet stuff.
"I have no sugar," she says. "And I don't have fruit or fruit juice either."
The reason? Sugar gives you an insulin spike and can leave you hungrier than before. If this is what happens when you stick to savoury rather than sweet - sign us up!

AGE: 35
Newly-wed TV presenter Denise keeps bikini trim for hubby Lee Mead, 27, with short, snappy cardio workouts. Now an ultra-toned size 10, she says she has to work to look good on the sand. There is a god!
"When I was younger, I never had to worry about my body," she reveals. "But in the last couple of years I've realised such luck stops when you get older.
"Last year, my tummy had got a bit soft and my arms were starting to wobble. I like my food and I don't want to live on a permanent diet so daily exercise had to become part of my routine. I've called it a 30-something lifestyle change!
"I exercise in short 20-minute cardio bursts. I run every day and love dancing. I just put on good music and dance around. Exercise is the key to keeping my body in shape for the beach - and the long term."
She's got it cracked: cardio is king for weight loss as it burns more calories (as much as 500) in one sitting. So swim, run, jump, cycle, do step aerobics for a third of an hour and look like Denise!

AGE: 24
When she's not kissing girls or hitting the beach, Katy Perry's got a hot body rocking beneath those floral frocks. And it's all thanks to a little bit of rope.
"I hate working out, but I love jumping rope," she reveals. "There's a rhythm - it's like dancing. I can double jump, cross. I can do all of it."
And why the hell not? Skipping tones the upper and lower body muscles, defines your abs and reduces cellulite. So get your dressing gown cords out and start burning 750 calories an hour!

AGE: 34
When Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie - real name Stacy Ferguson - got hitched to actor Josh Duhamel, 37, this January, her honeymoon bod was hot. And still is. Her diet secret? She downs shots of vinegar, which her trainer Natasha Kufa claims flushes out fat in the colon and helps the body digest food (it's even meant to cut out cravings!).
Fergie's a fan anyway, saying: "I do vinegar shots. It has to be organic apple cider, unfiltered. Two tablespoons. For some reason I've noticed a difference to my stomach."

AGE: 34
Scary Spice was never flabby. Not even back in the leopard-print days. But fast-forward 10 years and mum-of-two Melanie Brown's bikini body is the best it's ever been.
Currently flaunting her toned torso in her Las Vegas burlesque show, Mel's secret weapon is making sure she takes time out from her fitness regime once a week. Sounds good to us!
"I do my Totally Fit fitness DVD between two to four times a week and drag my husband along when I go hiking," she reveals.
"I love exercise. If you do it consistently and eat healthily, your body will really kick into gear. I like healthy, clean food. We don't do butter or salt, but we have a bit of olive oil. We usually eat grilled fish and steamed veg with a lovely dressing and salads. It's got to be tasty. But once a week I do my 'Sod it Sunday' and eat what I want."
Mel's treat day works a, er, treat. It's proven that if you diet for six days and cheat on the seventh, upping your calorie intake, it will boost your metabolism, which in turn fuels more fat burning for the week ahead. So yes, pizza, burgers and ice cream really can mean thinner thighs. Hurrah!

AGE: 46
If there's one body we'd like on the beach, it's Elle's. And the secret to the woman who looks 26 at 46 isn't lettuce leaves and non-stop exercise but, in fact, rather unsexy fish oil. Yes, really.
Studies have found that fish oils are great for helping your body burn fat, especially around the stomach and waist, plus the omega-3 fatty acid contained in these oils helps to suppress appetite and has anti-ageing properties too. Brilliant!
Elle includes fish oil in her daily organic diet and says: "I'd encourage everyone to give it a go."
Indeed. Perhaps don't waft it around too much, though...

AGE: 19
Heroes star Hayden wowed us - and T4 presenter Steve Jones - with her stunning bikini body at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Her secret? A portion control system called the quarter rule.
"I'm a picker. I'll eat a quarter of my meal and get full, then 20 minutes later, I'll eat another quarter and let it sit in my stomach," says Hayden.
Sounds a cinch - and it works! Eating slowly gives our body's signalling system enough time to tell our brains we're full and, done three times a day, can lead to us eating 210 fewer calories daily. While your meals might last for hours, it will be worth it!

Supermodel, super-bod, mum-of-two Cindy looks as good in her 40s as she did in her 20s. Rather than starving herself, she does the opposite and snacks during the day.
"I snack between breakfast and lunch and again at 4pm so I'm not starving by the time I sit down to eat dinner," she says. A model who eats - that's music to our ears!
Plus, good snacking is a great source of nutrients to stop you bingeing and acting crabby. Try green apples (low in sugar) and pineapple (no fat).

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