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четверг, 12 января 2017 г.

Diet Kebab queen Lianna Hudson Eat green, get glowing


What happened when kebab queen Lianna Hudson, 30, from London, swapped takeaways for healthy, organic, home-cooked grub for a month?

Lianna and fiancé Gavin
Dietician Laura Clark

Lianna says: "My diet is awful. I work hard as an accountant and I'm constantly knackered, so I never do a big food shop or cook from scratch. I live with my fiancé, Gavin, and in our flat you'll find plenty of booze but nothing to eat! We rely on takeaways - especially the local kebab shop and curry house - or dining out five nights a week, spending £35 to £70 a day on food. We're getting married in September and I want to be a slim, healthy, energised, clear-skinned bride, but I feel stressed, lethargic, pale and bloated, and look permanently tired. I'm hoping 'green eating' will help me feel good about myself, and if I lose a few pounds, even better."
The dietician says: "Lianna's diet is low on fruit and vegetables, and high in saturated fat," says Laura Clark*. "She's exhausted and wants to shape up, so I've given her speedy meal suggestions to challenge her belief that healthy food takes ages to prepare. I've also suggested she has a proper breakfast, and eats at least every four hours to avoid the blood-sugar lows that cause bingeing."
DAY 1 "So, what does 'eco-eating' mean? According to dietician Laura, it's no processed food, less meat and alcohol, more fresh organic fruit and veg and cooking from scratch. All the things I don't do now! I start with a big supermarket shop and spend £120, but it should last for weeks and will be cheaper than eating out. I also have a Bupa medical**. My body-fat percentage is in the unhealthy zone and, while I I'm not classified as obese, my weight is at the top end of the healthy BMI scale. The big surprise is my waist measurement. Apparently, fat around your middle means you have a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes. Your waist measurement shouldn't exceed half your height. Mine does - by 3cm.
DAY 2 My colleagues hit the Chinese buffet for lunch, but I eat a home-made chicken salad. By mid-afternoon I'm miserable. Am I going to starve?
DAY 4 I'm living on salads, fruit and nuts. So far, so hungry. I'm avoiding cooking as it takes so long, but Laura gives me some quick recipes. She says meals should consist of a quarter protein (meat, fish, eggs, pulses or dairy), a quarter carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta, rice or grains) and half fruit or vegetables.
DAY 5 I try Laura's recipe for a quick-and-easy packed lunch - my usual chicken salad with the addition of two eggs and, crucially, some carbs, including wholegrain bread or couscous, to keep me full all day. For dinner, I try her suggestion of fresh tuna with stir-fried veg - yum!
Lianna before (left) and after (right) her green diet challenge!
DAY 7 I have more energy, feel less bloated and I'm enjoying my food. Organic tomatoes taste amazing and meat has more flavour. My colleagues are jealous of my willpower. While I used to have a slump in the afternoon, I now feel energised and motivated.
DAY 9 I used to think I didn't have time for anything but fast food. Now I tell myself that if I can watch TV in the evenings, I can cook. I make a delicious organic spag Bol, adding kidney beans for extra protein and fibre. While Gavin's not following the plan, he's loving my cooking!
DAY 11 My co-workers have a McDonald's breakfast, and it smells so good! To avoid temptation, I stroll around the block, then order an organic fruit and veg box from to be delivered to my flat.
DAY 15 On a night out with friends, I drink white wine spritzers while everyone else downs sugary alcopops. When they order chips, I head home - I know I'd cave in! I drink water and take my make-up off before bed. No wonder my skin's looking better!
DAY 18 I never considered the impact my old diet - packed with chemicals and packaging - had on the environment. I was always throwing away plastic trays and wrappers, but today, on rubbish collection day, my bin is bereft of packaging. I put out just one small bag.
DAY 21 A stressful day at work, but I managed it. I think eating properly is making me calmer, as I have fewer chemicals in my body. My parents visit and tell me I look slimmer, and colleagues tell me that I'm glowing. Me? Smug? Yes!
DAY 25 I really craved kebabs on the way home, but then it hit me - I'd feel awful if I ate that greasy junk. My clothes are more comfortable, my skin's brighter, the shadows under my eyes have gone. Why would I give that up?
DAY 28 I used to dread dressing up as I'd feel self-conscious and frumpy, but today I went to Ascot in a sexy, fitted dress. I may not have lost weight but I've toned up, lost inches and feel more confident. Gavin loves the slimmer me because I'm happier. He says every day is like being on a date because I take more time over my appearance and I'm less insecure.
DAY 30 The challenge is over. Did I celebrate with a KFC? No way! I feel good about myself for the first time in ages. The energy I've gained makes me feel like there are more hours in the day, and I've even found time to exercise before work at a bootcamp in a local park. I can't wait to walk down the aisle, knowing I look and feel my best. I'm going to carry on eating this way from now on."
OUT- Lianna's dietBreakfast: Chocolate digestive or custard cream biscuits with a mid-morning cuppa.
Lunch: A pre-packed, mayo-laden sandwich, or sweet and sour chicken and rice from the Chinese buffet near the office.
Mid-afternoon snack: Biscuits.
Dinner: Kebab and chips from the local takeaway.
Vital stats beforeHeight: 6ft
Weight: 12st 11lb
Body fat: 30%
Waist: 33in
Dress size: 14
IN - Lianna's dietBreakfast: Home-made fruit smoothie, organic cereal, skimmed milk
Lunch: Fresh, organic salad, chicken or tinned fish, wholegrain bread
Snacks: Fruit, organic yoghurt
Dinner: Home-made spaghetti Bolognese

Vital stats nowHeight: 6ft
Weight: 12st 11lb
Body fat: 24.5%
Waist: 29in
Dress size: 12
The dietician's verdict:"Lianna is proof that by making simple, green choices, you can drop a dress size, feel healthier and boost your self-esteem in just a month. Cutting out the takeaways and cooking more balanced meals has regulated her energy levels and given her body the essential nutrients it needs to make her healthy, inside and out."

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