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суббота, 28 января 2017 г.

Filmmaker – Magazine Review

There’s a misconception among film enthusiasts that the quality of a film is higher when the budget is lower and when its associations with Hollywood are less. Filmmaker magazine definitely shows its readers that “independent” doesn’t necessarily mean “low budget”. Quality mainstream films are also featured in this magazine, allowing the readers to get a balanced perspective of the film world.
Almost all aspects of film making are showcased in this magazine. From classic film retrospectives to equipment reviews, they’re keeping new and upcoming filmmakers up to speed with the latest in film theory and technology. Interviews from current filmmakers are also inspirational, giving you a more detailed look at their personal writing or directing processes. The articles featured in this magazine are in-depth and full of information, without bogging you down with unnecessary jargon. You don’t need to attend 4 years of film school in order to “get” it.
The advertisements in this magazine also double as a list of resources for the independent filmmaker. You get to hear about film festivals calling for entries, post-production houses, and film making workshops from the ads alone. Not a page of this magazine is wasted, and you’re getting more than what you pay for.
Whether you’re a film student, an independent filmmaker, or even if you’re just interested in watching films with more depth, then this magazine is something you must include in your reading list.

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