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понедельник, 16 января 2017 г.

Hairstyles Rasta Power

From catwalk to the red carpet, the dreadlocks are displayed in all colors and new exiting misconceptions.

Dread is not dead! The sprawling hair unanimous in VIP version shampooed and bohemian chic, of course. Thus, on September 16, Marc Jacobs created the event - and controversy - in New York during his spring-summer fashion show 2016-2017, parrying his creatures colored dreadlocks time: marshmallow, violet, fawn .. . Problem: most top models were white. 
The persifleuses accused the creator of cultural appropriation. "I do not see skin colors or races. I see people, responded Marc Jacobs on Instagram. I am sorry to read that so many people are closed minded ... Love is the answer. "Rihanna, she dreamed. It boasts the lion-maned XXL for the needs of the film "Ocean's Eight." Willow Smith, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga ... the disheveled-interspersed-crepe has its supporters, but many are unaware of the meaning.

Already present in ancient Egypt through the representations of the royal families, tree by the Celts, hair ornament Maasai, reserved for people of faith in India, dreadlocks have survived the centuries and civilizations.
They express the spiritual and physical strength, ethnic pride. It was not until the 1940s and the development of the Rastafarian culture that became popular this capillary madness. 
Rastas, who compare the exile of the Hebrews in Babylon to the situation of descendants of slaves living in Jamaica, let their hair grow as required by the Bible: "No blade will pass over the head of right. "They then combined their mane to the lion, emblematic animal of Ethiopia Haile Selassie. 
Dreadlocks, these "loops terror", are for them a way to express their opposition to the capitalist system. And God Created Bob Marley. The entire planet becomes infatuated then reggae and dreadlocks, symbol of nonconformity and rejection of oppression, whether physical or mental.

If all of a breath in you blow a wind of rebellion, farewell comb and brush.Let push, tousle with a shirt and wait. "But it will take a minimum order of service, warns Joseph, head of Capi Locks Center, the Parisian temple dreads.
 It depends on the nature of the hair, color. The best will be to go through a living room to give the first fold. Following is freedom! "We can also wrap the dreads of atébas: decorated with colorful son. And if you get tired? Is shaved. Only the cut can overcome the locks. You have been warned ...

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