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вторник, 31 января 2017 г.

Health: Beware the Diabetes Trap

Drop that candy bar and chew on this instead. Diabetes is one of the most chronic health threats today. This deadly disease is characterized by high levels of glucose in the bloodstream. This condition occurs when the body can no longer process sugar and carbohydrates. Don’t think that we are being paranoid. One study shows that some cases of diabetes have gone ignored. You could have it and not even know you have it!
Prevent yourself from getting diabetes by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Avoid doing things which can increase your tendencies towards obesity. Be very picky with your food, always considering the quality of what you eat. Stay healthy by regularly visiting your doctor. Follow an exercise routine everyday, i.e. brisk walking or jogging; and if you are overweight, lose the extra pounds because it’s good for prevention and it’s also good as a treatment of complications.
Even if you think yourself far from getting the disease, be very wary of its risks. Statistics have shown that the risk of getting diabetes goes up with old age. Research about the medical history of your family and check if you have any diabetics.
What to do: Schedule a check up and consultation with your physician and get tested. This illness can cause heart disease, amputation, blindness and also kidney failure. If you are in danger of diabetes, you will have to seriously treat it. Strictly control your blood sugar, watch your blood pressure and regulate your blood cholesterol levels.

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