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вторник, 24 января 2017 г.

How to Make Fast-Food Eating “Healthy”

Now the question “Will fast food ever be healthy?” That’s why I placed “healthy” in between quotes there. Super Size Me really broke down any association between healthy and fast-food eating. But if ever you end up eating in a fast-food joint, here are some ways to trim down on the bad stuff and make your meal a bit more healthy.
  • Order them plain. When ordering a burger, get it without cheese, bacon, sauce, mayo… You can, however, ask to have some more tomatoes and lettuce in them.
  • When ordering chicken, choose the dark meat portions (the thighs would be best!). Remove the extra crispy and extra fatty breaded skin (but that’s the yummy part! :p ).
  • Resist supersizing! The deal maybe “worth it” in terms of bucks per serving but you’re unnecessarily doubling (or even quadrupling) your calorie intake.
  • Order mashed potatoes (without the bacon and cheese topping) instead of French fries.
  • When going for salads, try going for a vinegrette dressing instead of the rich and thick cream ones. Avoid the other fatty stuff in the salad too like eggs, bacon bits and croutons.

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