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воскресенье, 22 января 2017 г.

How to Take Care of Shower Curtains

There are two reasons for you to get rid of a shower curtain - 1) it’s all tattered and torn and 2) it’s out of style. I’d go with reason number 2 any day. And there’s only one way to get reason number 2 - prevent damages before they happen. It’s simply like any other thing you own, or your own health for that matter, cliche as it is, “Prevention is better than cure.” Here’s one great tip to do just that.
The most common source of curtain tear is “hemline” where the curtain holder holes are. You can prevent tearing by reinforcing the top and bottom sides with strips of canvas or duck cotton. Just sew it on both sides and you can reinforce holes with eyelets available from the hardware. This would make your curtain sturdy enough to last!
Just make sure to be gentle when sliding the curtain.

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